You remind me of the babe

On Wednesday we had a mid-week outing to the movies. In our days before Baby Beez, this was not an unusual occurrence. Mr. Beez and I love the movies, and many of the local theaters run midweek specials (free popcorn Mondays, etc). At one point, I had all the specials memorized, and could tell you what the best option would be any day of the week. Throwing a kid into the mix makes midweek movies very difficult. Not just because we have to uphold a responsible bedtime, but also because there is just so much more STUFF you have to do with a kid around, that two free hours for a spontaneous movie is difficult to find.

The AMC Lowes Waterfront has started running older movies on Wednesday nights. When we saw that Labyrinth would be playing, Mr. Beez declared that we MUST GO. I’m the one usually leveling demands around here, so when he makes a declaration, we must abide.


The theater was PACKED. We got there a few minutes before showtime, and the only seats left were in the front row. That’s not my ideal location, but the rest of the fam was fine with it. The movie of course was great, because it’s Labyrinth. What’s not to like about Labyrinth? I worried that Baby Beez might get a little scared of all the goblins, but she didn’t. Not in the least. In fact, I think she wanted to party with Jareth and the goblins up in the tower. (Also, can you imagine how bizarre-funny-crazy filming that scene would have been? It’s megarockstar David Bowie dancing around in tight pance with muppets and a baby. So strange.)

baby wormLabyrinth Worm

Baby Beez has had a connection with Labyrinth since birth, can’t you see the resemblance?

We all had such a fun time, but the best feeling of all was being able to share something Mr. Beez and I have long loved with Baby Beez, and watch her find just as much joy in it.




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