Yinz R Readin visits the Strip District

This week’s post comes from Laurie–writer, reader, and yinzer extraordinaire– of Yinz R Readin and is part of a special day of shenanigans from other Pittsburgh Bloggers. You can see my post over on the Betty and Boo Chronicles, where I talk about an ideal springtime day in the ‘burgh with the Beez family

A Morning in the Strip

I took Baby Yinz down to the Strip District and we had quite the time.

If you’ve never checked out the Strip on an early weekday morning, I can tell you that it is pretty awesome, mostly because of its proximity to yummy cheese at Penn Mac but also because it’s so easy to find parking.

On that particular morning I found a prime space near Roland’s.  We weren’t out of the car 10 seconds before Baby Yinz picked out her first token of the day. I feel that it’s important to disclose that I don’t normally support the color pink when it comes to sports wear.   That being said, I’ll give it a pass for the pre-school set and geez, sometimes it’s hard to say no to that face.


Even though it was cold, it was a very sunny morning.  A truck trying to make turn farther down Penn Avenue was stuck and the street soon became filled with cops diverting traffic and rubberneckers from nearby shops, everybody trying to see the hullabaloo and shaking their heads and smiling in that friendly Pittsburgh way that makes your heart swell with pride but simultaneously know that if you’re not too careful with your own friendly smile and eye contact you might just wind up in a twenty minute “I once saw a truck get stuck…” conversation with a beer-bellied man wearing a faded leather Steelers coat.

After our first purchase, we headed to Penn Mac where in addition to cheese they also carry Baby Yinz’s favorite crackers.


You can see here that she was focusing on something off-camera and immediately after the pose, she wormed her way over to a kitchen products display where some bubble wrap underneath a clay pot had caught her eye.  Before I even had time to blink, much less stop her nefarious deed, she snatched that bubble wrap, pulling it like a magician doing a tablecloth swipe.  Fortunately, a very kind lady working on the display was able to stop her and just when I thought we were about to be kicked out of the joint she said, “Does she like bubble wrap?  I have some really big ones in the back if she’d like it.”

Well, I’ve never been one to say no to bubble wrap.

And so we spent the rest of our time at Penn Mac popping bubbles.  They were really loud and everybody was looking but she was so happy and actually occupied on a task rather than pulling items off shelves willy-nilly, I didn’t interfere.


Important to note, in that refrigerated case behind Baby Yinz here, there is an Asiago Spread so delicious that I may or may not have eaten an entire 16-ounce tub of it on New Year’s Eve.

Next we head to the Allegheny Coffee & Tea Exchange for a hot beverage.  They make an awesome salted caramel hot chocolate but on this morning Baby Yinz had a regular hot chocolate.   I swear I blew on it and tried to let it cool down but that first sip was still pretty hot.


Baby Yinz scored a sticker for each hand from a very nice man there and she got to see the coffee roaster machine in action.

All in all, we had a lovely morning in the strip and I definitely look forward to our next trip.  Sometimes I get so busy working and just doing the daily tasks of living, I don’t stop to appreciate all of the cool things and places surrounding us here in the Burgh.

Trust me, there’s something for everyone during a trip to the Strip, even if that something is some unanticipated bubble wrap.


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