WHERE has my summer gone

I am still stuck in March. It is now August, the END of summer.
Back to school time is swinging in to high gear (my FAVORITE time of the year for 20+ years of my life…now no new school, but an excuse for shopping)

Every weekend has been busy, I know I’ve been doing things, but in hindsight can’t tell what, so here’s my list of things I’d do this summer if time were no object

  • Visit the Pittsburgh Zoo
  • Go Kayaking
  • Take a trip to Kennywood (and have some potato patch fries)
  • Go to the beach
  • Watch some movies in Schenley Park (probably won’t happen this year, since taking the kid out to “watch” a movie at any time, much less after her bedtime, is guaranteed misery)
  • Take the baby to play on the swingset at the park
  • Go swimming at the JCC family park
  • Buy fruits and veggies at a farmers market
  • Go to a swanky benefit party
  • Drink frozen cosmo’s on the patio of the Harris Grill
  • Spend a morning on the porch sipping coffee
  • Go to Steelers Training Camp (probably going to miss it this year, the nighttime practice is tomorrow, and my training camp buddy is on her honeymoon)
  • Go rollerblading (also perhaps not this year, the trail I usually go on is under construction and very gravelly)
  • Go for a long bike ride in Moraine State Part
  • Make some tasty grilled zucchini and tofu
  • Make a few trips to the Children’s Museum
  • Have a pleasant morning at Bach Beethoven & Brunch in Mellon Park
  • Get in the routine of going running a few times a week (ha ha ha, not happening anytime soon)

In hindsight I’m not doing too badly, but autumn looms ahead. Gotta get moving, can’t let this summer go to waste.

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