When the cat’s away….

When the cat’s away….

I’m away this week, on a journey through Central Europe in a battle to the death vacation with my Mother.  We are actually getting along pretty well.  I’m keeping my brattiness in check, and either she’s come to her senses and finally realized that she should stop singing at random times because it makes me insane, or the din of the tourist crowd is drowning out her noise, but in either case, she’s not making me crazy, so that’s good.

Before we left I was looking forward to the trip but also had mixed feelings about it.  The mixed feelings actually weren’t about the trip itself, but about the effects of the trip.  I was out of the office (and incommunicado) for a week earlier in July, and then there were two weeks of ABSOLUTE INSANITY at work, and I worried about the effect being gone again was going to have in the office.  It turns out that it’s going pretty OK.  I’ve got wifi at the hotel and cell service to return calls as necessary.  The madness of last week has been followed by relative calm this week.

Most of my reservations surrounded leaving Baby Beez behind for a week.  I’ve had trips away before.  I was in Virginia for trial college in January and Mr. Beez and I were in Texas for almost a week in June.  Both times she was miserable.  She whined every day, she was begging for mommy.  I knew she would survive, but I felt so bad that she felt so bad.

She has a vague understanding of days of the week.  We talk about what day of the week it is, and how many days until the weekend, and what days she has to go to school.  She understands it well enough to be able to recite the days of the week, but I still think she doesn’t really get it, in terms of me being able to use the days of the week as a mitigation tool to make her feel better about whatever it is that is coming up.

So we arrived in Prague on Tuesday morning.  I talked very briefly on the phone with Mr. Beez and Baby Beez on Tuesday afternoon.  She sounded so cheerful.  She understood I am away but that I’m coming back (apparently she’s telling everyone “my mommy went away!” without further explanation…lets see what conclusions that brings about).

Then, this morning at breakfast, two emails came in from Mr. Beez that completely warmed my heart.  He made a train for Baby Beez, he hung it above her crib, and she’s counting down the days until Mommy returns.  This is not a new technique, but I didn’t expect that she’d comprehend it, but she really is getting it and it is giving her comfort, and that makes me so happy.  And Mr. Beez is not really an arts and crafts kind of guy, but he thought of this train and made it all himself for our little girl, and that makes me so happy too.



So Baby Beez is hanging in there, and the countdown-train is keeping her happy til I get home.  Of course, I did promise her I would bring back presents for her, so that probably helps too.

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