Weekend Miracle!

I accomplished something miraculous this weekend! I wasn’t sure this would ever happen, but……..I cleaned off the dining room table!!

Here is photographic proof that for at least one day, our dining room table was not covered in heaps of mail and papers!

I didn’t take a before picture, because it was just too embarassing.

We celebrated this remarkable feat by having dinner at the dining room table like civilized people!

We actually eat dinner at the table fairly regularly, our plates are just nestled in between heaping piles of papers like an episode of Hoarders.  Before Baby Beez was born, eating dinner at a clean table was a very frequent occurrence.  With all the time we spend playing with her and cleaning up the cheerios she smashes into the floor, the mail on the table doesn’t hold such a high priority.

I’m proud that for at least one day, we rejoined the world of the reasonably organized adults, and our dining room table was suitable for public viewing.

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