Wednesday Words: Things on My Mind Today

Wednesday Words: Things on My Mind Today

1. I am convinced that all the highly successful people are early risers. I’m not talking early risers like 6am, I’m talking 4am out the door and to the gym. My alarm goes off at 6am, and I grumble and moan and am miserable, and do everything I can to avoid getting up, and then Mr. Beez elbows me and eventually Baby Beez starts whining, and I end up rolling out of bed tired and whiny somewhere between 6:15 and 7. This is a far cry from 4am. Or 5am. Heck I can’t even make it up at 6am with a smile. I am physically capable of waking up earlier, but then I hate the world, and that’s not very productive. So unless I want to banish myself to a future of stagnation, I need to learn to get up early in the darn morning and be freaking happy about it. Either that, or I need to find a list of people who are highly successful and like to sleep in. I think the latter option sounds like more fun.

2. Now that most of the heavy lifting on my pro bono representation is complete, I’ve started loading up on additional work-related but not precisely work projects. I like writing, and while I like writing briefs and pleadings and so on and so forth, I also love the opportunity to pick my own topics and write about what interests me (see: blogging). My newest projects in the hopper are an article for the Pittsburgh Business Times blog on the FTC’s new guidance on advertising/sponsorships in social media, drafting a class proposal for a new class to be added to the curriculum at Pitt Law, and another article for the Legal Intelligencer. This time for the Intelligencer, my article will focus on women who have had children at different stages in their career (whether “early” or “late” in their career). I’m still not sure whether to draw that time distinction in terms of particular years or in terms of associate/partner. The article will focus on the benefits and drawbacks they have faced in terms of their timing decisions with having children. I’ve got a few people in mind to interview, but if you know of anyone who would be a good interview subject, please pass her name on to me!

3. I am feeling much better than I was yesterday, thankyouverymuch.

4. So manicurists soak all their tools in antibacteirial stuff, but I’ve been all fixated on figuring this out: the topcoats, basecoats and polish aren’t in any way disinfected. So aren’t those giant germ farms? Or is there something in particular about the base/top coats and polishes that does not lend to the breeding of germs? Should I be bringing my own topcoat, base coat and polish to the salon? If I bring all that stuff with me, should I even bother getting a manicure? Why don’t I do it myself? This is weighing on my mind. First world problems.

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