warm fuzzies

Pittsburgh gives you two glorious October weeks of crisp sunshine, autumn leaves, and pleasant temperatures before throwing its citizens into month after month of pelting rain, frigid wind, and miserable grey skies.  Autumn glory is behind us, folks. We’ve entered the belly of the beast, and there’s no more sunshine til March.  I leave for work in the dark, I get home in the dark, and it’s sullen and gray outside my window all day long.

I’m putting together a list of “warm fuzzies” in a feeble attempt to keep late autumn/winter’s misery at bay…

1. This has been 4+ years in the making, but…I PAID OFF MY CAR TODAY. That little go-kart is MINE, all mine!

2. Pumpkin spice everything, followed by gingerbread spice or peppermint everything. YUM.

3. Fluffy warm sweaters, and all those wonderful fall/winter clothes I love– tights! Turtlenecks! Boots! Peacoats! Hats that don’t look ridiculous on me!

4.  I lied. Between now and January there should be a few occasional days of warm, sunny weather. The contrast of those days against the normal winter dreariness is extra nice.

5. Ice skating!

Please comment to add your own “warm fuzzies” to the list…

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