VACATION, all I ever wanted

VACATION, all I ever wanted

This winter is killing me. Even with my SUPER BRIGHT light box blasting in my face for an hour every morning, I’m still suffering the winter blahs. 2013 was a banner travel year for me, but after August, the only other traveling I did was a quick trip to California in October for my Grandpa’s funeral. It’s been going on 6 months since I’ve had a proper vacation. No wonder I’ve got cabin fever.

This year isn’t going to be a big year for vacation for us. We’re traveling to Oregon in July to visit my dad, but that’s all we’ve got planned. There are some whisperings about a girls weekend to Bedford Springs in the fall, but that’s still so far away.



It wouldn’t even have to be tropical. Honestly, my dream vacation right now would go like this: Me, going to a hotel. By myself. I love my family and love spending time with them, but for me, feeling relaxed means being left alone.

I would watch Say Yes to the Dress All. Day. Long. And ordering ridiculous things over room service. Like pizza, a hot fudge sundae, and a bottle of champagne. And then I’d go to the spa and have a seaweed wrap and a mani-pedi with a paraffin dip. And then go back to my room and read books all afternoon. And if I’m lucky and this hotel was in a tropical place, I’d go sit outside in the sunshine for a few hours and sun myself and drink frosty drinks. And then I’d go to bed. At like 7pm. And it would be amazing.

What vacation are you daydreaming of right now?

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