Traditional Anniversary Gifts, Year 5: Wood

Traditional Anniversary Gifts, Year 5: Wood

Mr. Beez and I follow the “traditional” anniversary theme with our gifts each year, while still seeking to find gifts that are practical and fit one another’s personality. I am all business when it comes to gift giving. I want to get people gifts that they will use, not gifts that sit around collecting dust. It’s a heartbreak to me when I picked a gift that doesn’t hit the right note and ends up being clutter.

This was our fifth anniversary, so the traditional gift this year was wood. I struggled to figure out what to get him, but ultimately decided on cufflinks made with the wood of wine barrels and wooden collar stays. He loved the gifts! Mr. Beez dresses all nice for work, so these are gifts he will use plenty. The cufflinks were an extra nice touch because we both love wine.

5th Anniversary Gift: Wood

Mr. Beez surprised me with a lovely bouquet of flowers. Flowers are always such a beautiful gift, and daisies are the traditional flower of the 5th anniversary.


He also got me a halogen lamp which has nothing to do with any tradition, but our bedroom is so ridiculously dark that I can’t do my makeup in there and I’ve bee nagging his ear off. Also, Mr. Beez gifted me a fancy wood clipboard. The practice of law remains in the dark ages, and although we have moved beyond chisels and stone tablets, I really do spend most of my day taking notes on legal pads. Sometimes the tablets are sturdy but a lot of times they are flimsy and hard to write on. The only clipboard I have is from my camp counselor days and covered in stickers that are not-the-least-bit-professional-looking, so this clipboard is both useful and will enable me to maintain a little dignity.


For my “big” gift, Mr. Beez had Baby Beez’ adorable totally emo painting framed so that I can hang it in my office. I’m so excited about this, it’s so fantastic! You can’t see it well in this photograph, but the wood frame is actually a dark navy blue, which matches some of the streaks in the painting.


Baby Beez went with him to pick it up from the frame shop, and apparently she was very confused about why he had to pay for a painting SHE made. He was ushering her toward the cash register, and she kept questioning “But it’s my painting!?!”

We are celebrating our anniversary with dinner at Restaurant ECHO tonight. I’ll tell you all about it in a separate post! For now, I’ve got work to do and a Twin Peaks marathon to watch.

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