Thursday, back at it.

This is my first Thursday back in the “real life” schedule. November through December was a mess of days on and days off and days with parts of both. Now we’re back to a more typical schedule. Thursday, for some unknown reason, is the day every week when Baby Beez totally loses her $**t. She thrashes and screams and I have to drag her in to school. I have no idea why Thursdays are so often like this. Baby Beez, however, did not get the message that today was Thursday and she acted like a normal human 3 year old, instead of a screaming beast. It helps that today is show & tell day (the theme is “white,” so she brought her white stuffed cat) and she really likes show & tell. Who doesn’t?

For last week’s crock pot recipe, I made Winter Corn Chowder from Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker. ¬†Despite the cheese I threw on top, the recipe itself is vegan. I found the recipe, as written, to be a little plain. By adding in a little splenda (to make “sweet corn chowder”) or a little hot sauce (to make “spicy corn chowder”) it kicks things up to a better flavor.

Winter Corn Chowder

This week, I’ll be making the Old Fashioned Vegetable Soup from the same book, and will be serving it with grilled cheese sandwiches. With the weather so cold, all I can think about is soup.

Given my failure to properly track my Weight Watchers points lately, I am giving WW’s Simple Start program a crack. So far, it’s going brilliantly. It helps that I have been sick all week and chowing down on cold medicine, which has killed my appetite. But even with the hungries starting to creep back now that I’m feeling a little better, I’m finding it easier to operate off a fairly comprehensive list of approved foods, instead of being presented with all the things I can’t eat, and struggling to figure out what I can. As long as I eat (to satisfaction, not complete fullness) from the list, I only have to count the up-to-7 off list points. Counting to 7 is manageable for me.

I am listening to Hole’s “Live Through This” and pretending it’s the mid-90s. I’m not entirely convinced this album is office appropriate, but it’s what I need to make it through this dreary morning.

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