Thoughts on a Wednesday

  • Today is Mr. Beez’s birthday. Feel free to text him, email him, call him, whatever you want to do to harass him about being an old man.

lolcat birthday

  • Baby Beez has entered the phase of gratuitously shouting “POOP!” and “BUTT!” So there’s that.
  • She has also entered a phase of moaning “UGGH” every time I ask her to do something. Just like a teenager. I thought I at least could count on 10 more years before such behavior set in, but I guess not.
  • I am completely unqualified to teach preschool. When I dropped Baby Beez off at school today, 2 boys were calling her “Leela” and she was getting mad because she didn’t want to be called “Leela.” My response was “So you call them a stupid name, too. What do you care?” The teacher swiftly intervened and pointed out to the boys that Baby Beez did not like being called names, and they should respect her feelings and stop. Perpetuating the bad behavior is not the preferred method of dealing with children’s misbehavior. I’ve been schooled. But what else did you expect out of a litigator?
  • Tickets go on sale for the Big Harvest Potluck on Monday!!! At first I was very sad because it was initially scheduled on Yom Kippur, but they changed the date, and now I can go! So much joy!
  • I have come to terms with my need to find a new WW meeting. I love the one I usually go to on Sunday mornings, but I have entered into a period of the year when I’m generally not available on Sunday mornings, either due to being out of town or having activities. For example, 2 Sundays ago was the marathon, last week was Mother’s Day brunch, and this Sunday we’re doing the Easter Seals Walk at Kennywood. Also, once we move, my Monroeville meeting location will not be convenient. For the time being, I’ll probably go to a dahntahn lunchtime meeting. WW is critical over the next several weeks. We have packed up our whole kitchen for the move, and are dining out nonstop. I need to remember to eat my fruits & veggies, drink lots of water, and basically keep things in check so I don’t reverse all the hard work I’ve done over the last year. A run or two won’t hurt, either.
  • Speaking of food, now that the college students have left tahn, I’m finally venturing back into Oakland now and then. Parking spots a-plenty! We picked up dinner from Oishii Bento last night, and went over to the Schenley Plaza to eat and enjoy the gorgeous weather. Baby Beez had fun running around with other little kids. I love how kids need no introduction, they’re just like “hey, i’m a kid! you’re a kid! let’s play!”
  • Speaking of running around Schenley Plaza, Baby Beez is ALL into running around in circles, nonstop. This gives me so much joy, because even before Baby Beez was born, I’ve had my heart set on being a Girls on the Run coach someday. Her ridiculous energy and joy from just running gives me hope that this can turn into an activity that we can do together and both love.

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