Five Things I Am Loving Right Now

Good Morning, yinz! I hope your weekend is off to a lovely start! Ours certainly is! We had family movie night last night (I really wanted to go to the WYEP Summer Music Fest, but it had rained all afternoon and the possibility of more rain persisted into the evening, so we opted for the movies instead), and tonight, weather permitting, we’re looking forward to dancing in the street at Summer Jam on Walnut.

So what things have been making your life easier or happier lately? With the weather shifting to blazing hot, all the winter things have been hidden away, and all things summer are out in full force.  These things have been totally making my life for the last several weeks:

spraysunblockHOW parents handled sunblocking their kids before spray on, I will never know  Spray sunblock means that I can get her skin safe, despite her usual non-cooperative nature.

city poolsPittsburgh city pools! I picked up our pool tag, and despite her total lack of swimming skill, Baby Beez LOVES the pool.  There is a pool only a couple blocks from our house, and not only do they have generous weekend hours, they are also open until 7:45 pm on weekdays. That means that we can swim after work! LOVE IT.

Yoplait-Greek-Frozen-Yogurt-Bars-Image-CouponI am an ice cream FIEND. Have you had these yet? They are AWESOME. And don’t destroy my WW points for the day.

monsters-university-poster-1Monsters University totally blasted our expectations out of the water. It was hilarious. I’m talking several times where I was laughing out loud. And Baby Beez was so engaged that she sat still for the WHOLE movie (that says a lot, to keep a 2.5 year old in a chair for nearly 2 hours). It’s appropriate for all ages, and also funny for all ages.

hardboiled eggsAfter 3 weeks of stupid early 5am workouts, I’m still working out the kinks.  One thing I’ve learned is that I need to eat breakfast AS SOON AS I am done with my workout. Or BAD things happen. My go to breakfast has been a toasted english muffin with a couple sprays of margarine and topped with a sliced hard boiled egg and a cup of coffee.  It’s about 5 WW+ points, and is a great balance of protein and carbs to get my day started.  Once I get to work a couple hours later, I follow it up with a mid-morning snack of oatmeal.  I’ve found this combo fuels me perfectly for lasting energy throughout the day.

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