Things I am liking this Monday

    • On a whim during grocery shopping yesterday, I picked up some packets of Justin’s Honey Almond All-Natural Nut Butter. I spread it on my english muffin this morning, and OMG I want to eat Honey Almond Nut butter all day long.


    • This weekend involved a few frustrating incidents of very not-good behavior from Baby Beez. This weekend also involved very focused efforts on QT with Baby Beez. We went on a nice long stroller jog on the Jail Trail, we dressed in costumes and had fun at our Temple’s Purim Spiel, we played dolls, we played with Play-Doh. But there was also lots of screaming, some hitting, and some general all-around unpleasantness. I keep reminding myself that this is a process. That Baby Beez is not instantly going to turn into angel child from me playing dolls with her once. But it still puts me in a hard and frustrating position when I want to do fun things with her, but I have to instead stick her in time out because her behavior is not acceptable.

What do you have coming up this week?

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