They say it’s your birthday!

They say it’s your birthday!

Baby Beez isn’t really a baby anymore. She’s going to be FOUR in September. As July comes to a close, the Mr. and I have started up the birthday talk. For her first and second birthday, we did fairly traditional large friends-and-family gatherings. For her third birthday, we went on a ride on the Gateway Clipper as a very small group and that was perfect. I loved the ease of planning (no planning needed, really), the manageable size of the group, and although Baby Beez definitely got her presents and cake, those too were in manageable quantities.


Baby Beez gets invited to birthday parties now and then. Her school doesn’t have the “Birthday Party Culture” that a lot of other schools have, where kids invite their whole class, and there are parties almost every weekend. In fact, she’s only been invited to the birthday party of one kid from school, and we’ve never invited kids from school to her birthdays. Most of the parents at Baby Beez’ school are busy and working and not very chatty, which is exactly what I am, so the school suits us perfectly.

I’m inclined to not throw a party for Baby Beez this year, or alternatively, just have a small family gathering. Maybe instead of a party we could do a special activity like go to Living Treasures or Idlewild. Still, I’m hesitant to entirely nix a party, because Baby Beez does know about parties, and I don’t want her to feel like she’s missing out on something if we do not do one. There’s a part of me thinking that a middle ground might work– do a small gathering or activity unless she specifically asks for something larger. And then there is a huge part of me that says I’m worrying way too much about a little kid’s birthday celebration. After all, her biggest concern is the cake.

What’s your MO for your kid’s birthday?

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