The Struggle of Finding a Perfect Anniversary Gift

Mr. Beez and I will be celebrating our fifth anniversary in nine short days! My how time flies. We exchange gifts, but to keep things fun, we follow the traditional gift categories. We usually try to find things that are practical and fun, to boot.

For our prior anniversaries, I gave him:

Year 1- Paper- Postcards with all kinds of love notes

Year 2- Cotton- Underwear (the boring kind, because I am boring)

Year 3- Leather- Shoes (I AM A WILD WOMAN)

Year 4- Fruit/Flowers- An Edible Arrangement

Now it is Year 5, and the traditional gift is wood. What on EARTH is a fitting gift made of wood? My Mom and Poppy Sam bought us lovely woodgrain pens, which are delightful but also stole one of the very few ideas I actually had! If anyone has ideas, I’m all ears. So far, the only things I have thought of are:




These scream CELEBRATION!

These scream CELEBRATION!

A wooden spoon


A catapult.


Wooden Abe Lincoln cufflinks
What on earth is a wife to choose?

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