The Fairly Odd Parents, or My Evening Out With Eric Clapton & the Wallflowers

I’m good at keeping up with the local goings-on, but somehow the Eric Clapton concert didn’t make it on my radar.  I was curled up in bed on Friday evening, reading Whirl, when I learned that Eric Clapton would be coming to town the very next day.  I spent most of Saturday thinking about how I really wanted to go, but we didn’t have a sitter lined up, and Mr. Beez doesn’t much care for Eric Clapton anyway.  Around dinnertime I asked him, “Would you mind if I just go?”

“Go ahead,” He responded.


I get the impression that Mr. Beez are unique in how independent we each are.  We love going out and doing things together.  And often one of us (usually me) will want to do something that the other (usually him) is not interested, but the loving non-interested spouse (him) agrees to go anyway, and is gracious and patient about it. (Well if it’s me that isn’t interested, I’m not as good at the gracious and patient part).

We don’t feel the need to do every little thing together.  If it’s an event involving lawyers, he is more than happy to let me go solo.  And since we have a little one, this independence often makes things easier, since there’s one of us available to stay home with the little one.  Don’t get me wrong, we do lots and lots of things together, bu we also are OK with flying solo or going with friends.

I was talking with a woman recently who was telling me that she starts a trial the day after the upcoming Black Keys concert.  She and her husband both want to go, but since she can’t go for trial prep reasons, she told him he better not go without her.  That sort of response is baffling to me.  I asked Mr. Beez what his reaction was, and he agreed that from the way we operate, that would be nonsensical.  Were we in that position, I’d tell Mr. Beez to go and live it up, while I’d probably mope a little at home getting my exhibits together.

I think our independence is really good for our relationship.  We enjoy one anothers’ company, without feeling completely dependent.  We are comfortable going out on our own, and don’t use one another as a crutch.  Plus neither of us feel we have to give up interests just because the other isn’t so interested, or because we don’t have childcare arrangements already set up.

So on to the evening!  The Wallflowers and Eric Clapton were awesome.  I knew that this would be the kind of concert I’d regret terribly if I missed, and yes, I was right.  I am so glad I went.  By the time I arrived, all the cheap seats were sold out. The only ones left were the highest price point, but since I was only buying a ticket for one, I was actually excited to shell out the cash for an awesome seat.  I was pretty close up to the stage and had a perfect view (my camera notoriously doesn’t do so well with concert pics, but I promise, it was awesome).  Both bands played favorites old and new.  Best of all, it was clear that every last person on that stage was having a fantastic time.  I love that about concerts, the musicians are so happy being up there in their element, and it is awesome to get to share that with them.

So I went solo, enjoyed a beer, and kicked back and took in the music.  It was fantastic.

I’ve complained that Pittsburgh doesn’t have the concert scene of many larger cities.  With the addition of the Consol Center and especially Stage AE, we’ve been bringing in a lot more bands I like.  Purely out of nostalgic curiosity, I tried to assemble a list of all the shows I’ve seen in Pittsburgh over the last nearly 13 years, and I’ve actually seen a lot more than I realized, and seen many acts multiple times.  Most of the shows have been in the last 6 years, when I’ve been working and actually had a little disposable income, and also as the music scene has grown:

Bad Religion (Club Laga, REMEMBER LAGA?)

Dave Navarro (Rosebud)

The Clarks (way too many shows to list, so many it is embarrassing)

Metallica/Godsmack (Mellon Arena)

TOOL (Twice: Peterson Center and Mellon Arena)

Dar Williams (4 times: The Rex, The Byham, Schenley Plaza and South Park)

Indigo Girls (Twice: The Benedum, Carnegie Music Hall of Homestead)

Girlyman (Opening for Dar Williams, then twice on their own: Club Cafe and Modern Formations)

Rufus Wainwright (Carnegie Music Hall of Homestead)

Veruca Salt (Twice: Mr. Smalls and The Rex)

Robin Hitchcock (The Rex)

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals (Stage AE)

Ted Leo & the Pharmacists (Diesel)

Death Cab for Cutie (Stage AE)

Fiona Apple (Stage AE)

Smashing Pumpkins (Mr. Smalls, while 7 mos pregnant. I don’t recommend that)

Jane’s Addiction/Nine Inch Nails (Post-Gazette Pavilion)

The Allman Bros (Post-Gazette Pavilion)

311 (Stage AE)

Violent Femmes (TRAF)

Cowboy Junkies (TRAF, on the worst date of my life)

Teddy Thompson (TRAF)

I feel like I’m missing some….hmmmm…

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