The Blessings of Age 4

The Blessings of Age 4

We are having a lazy weekend. We have not had a true lazy weekend in so long. It”s 10:15 am. Everyone is in jammies. Baby Beez woke up at 8am, climbed in bed with us, and I yelled at her to go back in her room and play. She did. When I felt ready to roll out of bed at 9, I did so. She followed me downstairs to watch a movie. I sipped coffee and read the internet. She got her own milk out of the fridge. She went potty and washed her hands herself. I sat here and didn’t have to do anything. Mr. Beez is still asleep in bed. The only thing I have to do today is do my long run for the week. I also promised Baby Beez a visit to the library sometime this weekend. She wants to get a cookbook (preferably a pirate cookbook). It is wonderful.

making wishes

Age 4 comes with LOTS of whining and singing and noise and questions. Many days go a lot like this.  Also, she goes bat&*^t crazy if she eats chocolate, which is why I instituted a “no chocolate in the house” rule as of Friday. But these are such minor things. In general, 4 is an awesome age. I wish I could keep her here forever.

She can’t read yet. Which makes secret keeping a BREEZE. For example, we are going on a super-secret (to her) Disney vacation in February. We keep getting stuff in the mail about it. She sees the Disney characters on the mail, and wants to look at it, and I’m like HERE YOU GO LOOK AT IT ALL YOU WANT! Because she CAN’T READ, so the secret’s safe. YES.

She is old enough to understand a lot of things, but still young enough to believe everything. The world is magical.

She is old enough to have interests and get excited about things and has the skill and coordination to actually try new things out. Monday she starts swim class again, and she starts basketball on Tuesday. I can’t describe how incredibly excited she is to play basketball. I’m excited to see her do it.

She is old enough for some independence. Play dates no longer need exacting supervision. We can send the kids in a room to play and keep an ear out. Grown-ups have fun AND kids have fun.

She is old enough to do things together. We played our first game of Chutes & Ladders on Friday night. It was fabulous.

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