My friend Mandy and I had plans for drinks (and like typical lawyers, I think we ended up rescheduling like 8 times, because that’s how we do). Finally we got a date set and made our way to The ALLEGHENY WINE MIXER.



You know that I can’t help but yell it, every time someone brings up the ALLEGHENY WINE MIXER.

What I didn’t know about The ALLEGHENY WINE MIXER is that each day they have a wine on special for $5 a glass. The evening we were there, it was a lovely dry chardonnay. I’m not much of a chardonnay drinker, but this one was crisp and dry and right up my alley. They also had a $5 cheese and charcuterie plate on special that was equally lovely. This is everything I want in a bar, all in one place.

AWM Charcuterie

The AWM seemed super laid back, and for-real non-pretentious. (In contrast to so many places that claim to be non-pretentious, but really are pretentious in their non-pretentiousness, but hey if they’ve got good food and drinks, I’m happy to be there, pretentious or non).


I mean, they’ve got a photo of Vincent Price and a Samurai Sword over the bar. What is not to love?


And the art. Oh the art. I totally loved it. Somewhat bizzaro portraits all of the place. These are all on the wall behind you, so that girl with her dead eyes stares at you, the whole time you sip your wine.

The ALLEGHENY WINE MIXER gets ten stars (on a scale of five).  I pretty much could have a dinner there of charcuterie and wine every night for the rest of my life, and have a perfectly blissful existence.

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