Thank You, Everyone

Thank You, Everyone

This is my brother and his family.


This is their house.


Yep. It burned down yesterday. They went out shopping in the morning, and got a call from the fire department that their house was up in flames. They are all safe, but they lost all of their possessions and are going to be displaced for quite a while.

He lives in Oregon. I live in Pennsylvania. It’s hard to do much from thousands of miles away. But I went online and asked friends and family to help them out. I put together an Amazon Wish List for them. Where do you even start when someone loses everything? So I just went in and put in whatever I could think of. Baby supplies. Clothes. Housewares. Anything. (If you’d like to help them out, you can click here for the wish list. It ships directly to my dad’s house, where they are staying for right now.)

And you know what, people responded. They helped in droves. Every little tiny donation helped immensely, and meant so much to my brother and his family, because it shows how much people care. It’s so strange to think of how much social media has changed the way we communicate– ten years ago, I just wouldn’t be able to reach out to so many people so quickly and easily. And there would be no way that my brother’s family would be blessed with the tremendous outpouring of help they have received.

So the family is all safe. They are staying with my dad and stepmom right now. The insurance company is being fairly cooperative. They are beginning the long and tough journey of putting it all back together.

Thank you, everyone, for helping them and for caring.

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