Ten Years.

Ten Years.

On January 24, 2004 at 11:19 AM, I posted these words to the internet:

Yay. I hopped on the Bandwagon. Will set up a blog, and being a copycat, I naturally had to set one up too, RIGHT AFTER HE DID.
Will is working with me right now.
Poor soul.

I hate windchill.
It’s 10 degrees, yay! Double digits, but lo and behold, here comes the WINDCHILL…and makes it -2. Snow isn’t fun anymore.

Ah, and I picked out a smiley thing. I picked the ugliest one because I felt sorry for it. Poor triangle ugly thing.

Only 8 hours and 40 minutes til I get to leave DLH. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

And I have a backpack full of books….that I won’t read. I suppose I’ll update this thing about 500 times while I’m at work, just to distract myself from homework. Poo on homework. Ironically, I pay several thousand dollars every year just for the opportunity to do homework, yet I hate it.

And with that, I entered into the world of blogging.

I was a college student at the time. Obviously. And my tone, attitude, focus and even blog site have changed considerably since then, although the weather apparently has not. Those early years (all the way through 2011) are under a password now, because my writing style is exactly as immature as I was at the time I was posting. On a personal level, ten years of blogging is invaluable. I recorded friendships, relationships, successes, failures, graduations, meeting Mr. Beez, dating Mr. Beez, buying a home with Mr. Beez, marrying Mr. Beez, law school, the bar exam, law practice, the excitement and expectation of pregnancy, and Baby Beez’ entry into this glorious world.

If nothing else, I have documented myself for her. And maybe Baby Beez will eventually be interested in getting to know me as a person, separate and apart from being her mom. I’ll let her read those pages some day. Probably when I’m dead. Because I don’t think I can bear the embarrassment of her reading about my failed dates and all those f-bombs.

But here I am, and here I was, and here I will be. It’s been a fun 10 years. Let’s have 10 fun more.

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