October feelin’

Welcome to October! I haven’t felt much like blogging lately. Maybe it’s because I’ve been very busy, using up all my brain and my words during the day. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been more interested than reading words than writing them lately. Maybe it’s just because we haven’t been out to too many new restaurants lately, so that usually abundant stream of inspiration is not so abundant right now. But even though I’m not writing as much, I’m still here, I’m still reading, I’m still kicking. And here are some things on my mind tonight:

Page Dairy Mart’s last day for the season is scheduled for October 24. Sad. Even though the chocolate chip cookie sundae is di-vine (featuring Nancy B’s cookies), my favorite and go to is coffee soft serve with hot fudge and whipped cream. I need to stop on down there to get one last treat before they’re gone for the cold months.

Page Dairy mart Chocolate Chip Sundae

American Horror Story starts again tonight! It’s the only show that I regularly watch. My favorite season was season 1, but this whole circus thing looks especially creepy. I like to think I like scary things, but in real life I’m a giant crybaby and get too scared. American Horror Story tends to be just the right level of scary for me (meaning it tries to be scary, but isn’t really scary). Relatedly, my husband has banned me from ever watching a Paranormal Activity movie ever again, because he’s not a fan of being up all night while I cry over nightmares.


My birthday is next month. If all yinz guys wanna bake me a cookie table, I won’t complain. Also, I think the fact that 99% of the pictures I pin on Pinterest are baked goods is not helping me any with my (failing) efforts at losing weight.

I’ll be going on a mini solo trip this weekend to Washington DC to run the Army 10 Miler. I’m going to basically have an afternoon ALL TO MYSELF. I’ve already booked a trip to the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa, and I think I’m going to go see Gone Girl (yes, because I drive 3 hours to go to see a movie that I could see at a movie theater 2 miles from my house) and go to bed early, because I am a WILD woman. But when you’re running 10 miles around the Pentagon the next day, hiking all over to sight see isn’t the wisest idea anyway.


Autumn clothes are my absolute favorite. Sweaters and cowl necks and boot socks and all things lovely and warm. Things I want want want:


Want want.

I just downloaded Hollow City, which is the sequel to Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, and am very excited about reading it. Spooky!

Hollow City


Shews. Because shews.

Shews. Because shews.

Work is quiet for like a week and a half in February, and then I spend the rest of the year wondering when will the busy season let up? And why is it so darn busy, even with nary a trial in sight? After doing this for seven full years, you would think that by now I would realize that this is just what the job is like, and it’s busy all the time, because just because. But apparently I have not caught on.

I have a whole list of things to write about: Blogga lunch with Erin and Alex, Fancy dinner at Umi, a whole bunch of books I’ve read, the EQT Pittsburgh 10 Miler, and so on and so forth. Eventually I will find a minute to tell yinz all these things, but not tonight. Because I’m about to fall asleep at this keyboard.

In the meantime, I need new black boots.  Particularly ones that can pull double-duty from work to happy hour.

Nila Suede Wedge Boots

Nila Suede Wedge Boots

Naturalizer Lamont Boot

Naturalizer Lamont Boot

Franco Sarto "Osteria" Boot

Franco Sarto “Osteria” Boot

Softspots "Oliva" Boot

Softspots “Oliva” Boot

And totally not within this description, but just because I want want want want them:



Banging My Head Against A Wall

Banging My Head Against A Wall

Despite my best efforts, I haven’t made any significant weight loss progress for months.  I’ve been going around and around trying to lose the next 5 lbs since at least May.  I lose a little, gain a little, lose a little, gain a little.  The net progress is none.  I’m not 100% perfect with Weight Watchers, but I’ve been close.  Still, I’m cycling around and around the same 5 lbs.  It’s extremely frustrating.

I’ve gone from restaurant take out multiple times a week, to a take out dinner maybe once a week.

No progress.

I’ve gone from working out maybe twice a week (at a total of maybe 5 activity points per week) to working out 6 days a week, most days at high intensity (earning me well over 30 activity points per week).

No progress.

I’ve gone from drinking about 2 bottles of wine a week to 2 glasses a week.

No progress.

I’ve replaced my daily late-afternoon sugar splurge with a cup of coffee and a WW mini bar (2 point little cakey thing).

No progress.

I’ve been working hard for months and have virtually nothing to show for it.  At this point, I feel like it can’t all be for lack of effort.  I am beginning to suspect that a prescription I am taking is interfering.  It’s a prescription that medical trials have shown is prone to cause weight gain when subjects begin to take it (and, upon reflection, I did put on weight when I started it).  Anecdotally, the internets are full of accounts of people who have been on it and have either gained weight or had significant difficulty losing weight. I’ve decided to go off this prescription (no, it will not be harmful to my health to do so)  but it’s also very frustrating that it’s going to take quite a while for it to get out of my system.  So even making this decision now, it’s going to be a long time before I see effects, if I even see any. 

In evaluating my weight gain or loss, I focus very strongly on my OWN actions.  I try not to blame anything that is not within my control.  But I had brunch with a friend of mine recently, and she was looking amazingly svelte.  She revealed that a medication she had been taking (different from the one I’m taking) had caused her to gain weight, and even with running and running and running, she couldn’t lose the weight.  Finally when the doctor changed her medication, the weight came off.  This made me start wondering whether the prescription I am on is likewise interfering, despite my best efforts.

I’ve been holding on to a stack of gift cards, promising myself when I hit the 20 lb weight loss, I can use them on some new workout clothes. But I’ve been busting my ass, with no weight loss to show for it.  Athleta’s running a sale, and I’m proud about how I’ve made 5am workouts a daily thing.  I’m going shopping.  It’s not the reward I anticipated, but I’ve been working hard and want to celebrate that.

Have you hit a weight loss plateau or have you had a prescription interfere with your weight loss?


Sandal time

Sandal time

The weather is FINALLY sandal friendly! For the last 2 summers I had a pair of incredibly comfy, incredibly cheap Target sandals that I lived in nonstop. Those sandals have quite literally fallen apart. When the sole cracks in half, shoes are no longer really wearable. Some favorites for this season are:


I’ve already added these Mia Limited Edition cuties to my closet. They are crazy CRAZY comfortable. You can walk in them for days. The platform isn’t very high and neither is the wedge, so they give you the comfort of flats with the look of something a little more sophisticated. I’ve never thought of suede or velvet as summer fabrics, but a number of designers seem to be coming out with suede and velvet sandals right now. Some look strange, but I think the suede in these Mia LE Baja sandals is a perfect contrast to the straw espadrille heel.


These Modcloth Drizzle Castle sandals are more on the casual end of the spectrum, but the design is whimsical enough to stand out. They are perfect for a an afternoon on a boardwalk, or better yet, a music festival.

anthropologie diamond t strap

In my imaginary world where I am enviably fashionable all the time, I would wear stilettos with ease. In reality, I have large feet and bad balance, and (with the exception of wedges), I kick heels over 1.5″ high off within an hour. Flats don’t usually have the pizzazz of a shoe with a heel, but the fancy sparkle of these Anthropologie Diamond Bow T-Straps could get me through a charity cocktail party while looking stylish, not frumpy.

tori burch sandal

I love the look of embellishments on sandals, but they are often metal or plastic and bound to irritate the foot. The delightful flowers on these Tory Burch Cori Thong Sandals are leather and unobtrusive, so your footwear is cute without getting annoying.

miss mooz

Miss Mooz Primrose sandals. Love the color, love the leather punch design, love the little wedge, love the velcro (but not dorky looking) ankle strap that fits feet like mine without cutting into the ankle. Love it love it love it.