Race Day Playlist #Army10Miler

Race Day Playlist #Army10Miler

The Army 10 Miler is a little over a week away! I’m getting super excited. I’ve never been to the Pentagon before, and I’m super excited to get to run this exciting race around it. I’m bib number I’m running in honor of my brother, Matthew, who is deploying to Qatar this month. He’s a kid that had a shaky run through high school, but he’s put on his big-boy undies and now is a distinguished soldier, shooting big guns at airplanes. He’s much braver than I’ll ever be. HOOAH!

This week of training has been a tough one. The nights have been creeping in a little earlier, and although sometimes I’ll do a night run on Grandview Ave, I’m really not a huge fan of running in the dark. I’ve been running on the treadmill a lot this week, which is better than nothing, but doesn’t give you the challenges of hills and is also mind-numbingly boring. At least I’m running on something…but I really am looking forward to getting a nice long run in outdoors on Sunday.

In celebration of the upcoming race, here are some race day music essentials. It’s certainly not enough to fill up 10 miles, but it’ll get you started.

Starting Line– to get yourself PUMPED!

Timber by Ke$ha and Pitbull. OMG I CANNOT WAIT TO START THIS RACE.


First Mile– Ride that enthusiasm, but keep the energy reigned in, so you don’t burn out in the first half!

Black Widow by Iggy Azelea. If this song came out 10 years earlier, it would have been the anthem of my law school years. So many bad decisions. So much crazy and I didn’t even realize it. So much embarrassment all these years later, but whatever. It makes a great song.

Hit ’em Up Style by Blu Cantrell. HEY LADIES

Hard Out Here by Lily Allen. Yesss.

Tempo– Keepin it steady in the long miles of the middle of the race.

Oh No! By Marina and the Diamonds. So much fun!

Change Clothes by Jay Z. So necessary, Ma.

Never Let Me Down by Kanye West, Jay-Z and Ivy. I may be Jewish, but sometimes some PRAISE JESUS music is just what you need. TAKE ‘EM TO CHURCH

LAST MILE– You’re tired and so close! Need that extra little burst to carry you through strong to the end!

Sunday Morning by No Doubt– No song makes me wish harder that I had even the tiniest little shred of musical talent. Those DRUMS!

Boom Clap by Charlii XCX. I am SUCH a sucker for this one. I just can’t not love it, and wanna pick up the pace. THE BEAT GOES ON AND ON AND ON AND ON ON

Lose Control by Missy Elliot ft. Ciara & Fat Man Scoop. Just when you need that last little push, MUSIC MAKE YOU LOSE CONTROL!

Share your race day essentials in the comments!! And wish me luck next week!


Weekend Update from the Beez Homefront

This has been the second quiet weekend in a row. It’s partially a matter of necessity, as both Mr. Beez and I have been finishing our weeks lately with lots of catch-up work for the weekend. It’s also partially purposeful, as my bad habit of scheduling 3-4 activities a day, for each Saturday and Sunday, has led to many exhausted work weeks. That was just not sustainable.

I have been overzealous with my 5K race sign ups. Last weekend I ran and Mr. Beez + Baby Beez walked the Brookline Breeze. Yesterday, Sandy and I ran the Yinzer 5K for Light of Life Rescue Mission. Next Saturday, we’ll be hitting the trails yet again for the Run Around the Square. The 5K distance has been nice because it’s a bit of exercise without taking over the whole day. I’m considering signing up Baby Beez for a kids race in the Steelers 5K, and maybe even running the race myself, but haven’t made up my mind. After that, I’m not signed up for another race until the Army 10-Miler in October. This is probably for the best, because I’ve been using a training program which calls for long runs on Saturday. A 5K race is too short for that purpose, and it’s inconvenient to try and tack on extra mileage before or after a race.

Yinzer 5k

Lets run, yinz!

Relatedly, the training program I’m on is essentially a half marathon training program, where the race would be scheduled the week after the Army 10 Miler, so now I’m considering signing up for a half marathon on that date. Options include the Columbus Half (which is already sold out, so I’d have to look into picking up someone’s transfer bib), the Hershey Half Marathon, or the Runner’s World Half & Festival, in Bethlehem, PA. I’m not ready to pull the trigger on any of these options yet, but I’ll have to make a decision in the next month or so.

On the flipside of cardio exercise, Baby Beez and I were on a sugar high this weekend. Baby Beez insists on continuing to grow, so I had to get her new duds for her ballet class. Afterward, we stopped over at Klavon’s Ice Cream Parlor. Chocolate ice cream with rainbow sprinkles for her, and a turtle sundae for me.

Klavon's Ice Cream Parlor

photo 5

Her vociferous obsession with chocolate is just further evidence that this kid is basically the loudest, most outrageous parts of my personality in distilled form. Watch out, world.

On Sunday¬†we also baked a cake together. No special reason, other than I wanted a cake. I learned that you should NOT bake a pineapple upside down pan in a springform pan, because the melted butter will leak all over the oven and you’ll almost burn the house down. But I promptly responded to the billowing smoke, saved the house from smoldering, and saved the cake as well. That’s a victory, right?

photo 2

photo 1

On the whole, we had a pretty sweet weekend. How was yours?


Girl on the Run

Girl on the Run

With the Army 10 Miler, EQT 10 miler, and Disney Princess Glass Slipper Challenge coming up on the horizon, I’ve been more diligent about running regularly. Especially the last two weeks, I’ve squeezed those runs into impossible schedules, because going for a run can mean the difference between losing and not losing my frickin’ mind. Plus, running is so much easier when you run multiple times a week. It sounds crazy, but it’s true. The more you run, the easier it is.

Due to the various inevitable scheduling difficulties that arise in a dual-working-parents-in-crazy-jobs household, I ended up having responsibility over Baby Beez during the time I intended to go for that run. So that meant instead of going for a brisk 3 mile run, I instead went for a full-body-workout-jogging-stroller run. I allowed myself to walk more than usual because pushing a nearly 4 year old in a jogging stroller is NOT EASY. Even with her heavy backside, we made decent time.

When she tired of eating her pretzels and waving at every soul on the trail, Baby Beez started howling that she wanted OUT and she wanted to RUN. I figured, what the heck, and I let her out. And she was so excited to run alongside me for the last half mile and she demanded to push the stroller (with some navigation assistance from me, of course). I’ve been uncertain as to whether she’s ready for kids races, as I was afraid that 1 mile might be too much for her little body. From our little run today, she seems both fit and eager to start racing alongside her mama! Disney Kids Dash in February– here we come!

Cooperating with photos is SO last year. She's nearly 4 now. Smiling is so 3 years old.

Cooperating with photos is SO last year. She’s nearly 4 now. Smiling is so 3 years old.


And we’re back! So now you have to suffer through the pictures.

And we’re back! So now you have to suffer through the pictures.

We arrived back in the ‘burgh at the fine hour of 6am today, took a nap, and got right to business with getting things moved into the new house. By Wednesday, we’ll be outta this old place. I’m so excited!

Our vacation was full of the unexpected. I anticipated that our visit to my dad and stepmom would be very similar to my summer visits in college. I remember we sat around a lot, watched TV, read books and really didn’t do much of anything. I remember being bored. Now I suspect that those bored visits were a remnant of my high school attitude of “everything sucks.” During this visit, we had plenty to do! We did manage to fit in a few minutes here and there to relax, but spent most of the days out and about. We ate well, drank well and did lots of fun things. It was a great visit.

The sights– A jet boat tour of the Rogue River and Hellgate Canyon

Hellgate Canyon

Hellgate Canyon

Jet Boat

The eats: Dinner and brews at Standing Stone brewery, cheeses at the Rogue Creamery, wine tasting at Southern Oregon vineyards and of course, the 4oJ wouldn’t be complete without jello pretzel salad!

photo 5(2)

Standing Stone Brewery

Rogue Creamery

Eagle Point winery

Ledger David winery

Jello Pretzel Salad

And the ACTIVITEEEZ: Splash park! Visiting the horses on a farm! Hanging out with family! The Eagle Point 4th of July 5k Race and Parade!

Central Point splash park

Gavel Ranch


Eagle Point 5k

Eagle Point Parade

Eagle Point Parade

photo 5(3)

Fourth of July