Summer of Irresponsibility. (Not gonna happen)

I feel very out of sorts today because my wedding rings are at the jeweler’s for the next two weeks, getting a tune up. So my left hand is ringless, and I feel like everyone is going to notice and speculate all kinds of drama. Except there is no drama, my rings are just getting re-dipped (they are white gold).  I’m going to spend the next 2 weeks worried about what other people are thinking. In reality, no one will probably notice anyway, and I’m worried about nothing.

Now to the topic at hand, every year I come down with this spring fever to be irresponsible. I long to spend a summer full of weekday evenings sipping frozen cosmo’s on the patio of the Harris Grill until the wee hours of the morning, with no cares and no responsibilities.

In reality, I spend my summer weekday evenings on the couch, watching TV while doing some work, and occasionally spending an indulgent evening sipping wine on the front porch.  I do not live an exciting life.  I’ve got a job to show up at early in the morning, a little one to entertain, and a husband to drive crazy.  That doesn’t leave much time for re-living my college years.

Yesterday, I learned of the Bunbury Music Festival taking place in July in Nasty ‘Nati.

I don’t think there are enough WORDS for how badly I want to go to this.  Unfortunately, Mr. Beez and I are looking at a summer full of travel and work obligations, and the potential for me going looks slim.  Even if Mr. Beez were interested (he grunted when I brought it up, so I think that means “no”), this is not a toddler welcome event. Well, even if Baby Beez were welcome, she’d pitch fits left and right, and be over-tired, and she would ruin the fun.

I’ve seen Jane’s Addiction twice before, and although I like Weezer, I won’t keel over dead if I can’t make it to one of their shows this year, since they’ve probably got several more years of touring in them. (This is me trying to convince myself that it will be OK if I can’t go).   Minus The Bear is playing an earlier set on Friday. I love them too. (That is not helping me convince myself to give up on this festival.) 

 The real draw for me here is Death Cab, whom I love to the point of listening to them every morning at work. Every morning? That’s kind of ridiculous. The vocal stylings of Ben Gibbard get my brain a-going. Or something.

I’m heartbroken that I probably won’t make it to Bunbury, but the light at the end of this tunnel is that Death Cab will be performing in Pittsburgh on July 13.  Cosmopolitan Pittsburgh is that same night, and a friend of mine is organizing it, so Iplan to attend and support her.  Maybe I’ll split my night and go to Cosmopolitan Pgh for an hour or so, and then trek over to Stage AE for the Death Cab show.  Does that sound insane?

Or maybe I’ll just beg and wheedle and beg some more and eventually wear Mr. Beez down so that he gives his blessing to me disappearing to Cincinnati for 3 days….


Sleepy Friday

I am sleepy and don’t have many things to say this morning, so I’ll share with you a picture and a re-post.

This has been making its way around facebook, and has made me laugh.  Other cities with tunnels have to have the same brake-slamming problem we do….right??

Now for the blog sharing part–  Eleventh Stack– Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s Blog– had a great post today on folk music that is available both in the library and online, including a full collection of Alan Lomax recordings available online.  Admittedly, I had never heard of Alan Lomax until earlier this week, when WYEP had a little blurb about him in the morning, because the theme for the Daily Feedback were songs that incorporated much older music (for example, Moby used a lot of Alan Lomax recordings on one of his records…I think it was Play.)  The Eleventh Stack entry came exactly at the right time, and now I’m excited to check out that online collection of recordings.

Also, I am very jealous of everyone attending After Hours at the Carnegie Library tonight!  Word on the street is that it’s sold out, and that it’s going to be a fantastic event.  I’m not able to make it, but can’t wait until they host another one! 

Happy Weekend everyone!


Songs to make you weep like a fool

I listen to Pandora pretty much all day, every day. Every once in a while I make the poor decision of picking some station that plays some sad sappy song and it takes all my strength to keep from getting tears all over my keyboard.  I can’t help it though, some of those sad songs are just so good. Here are some of my favorite sob-inspiring tunes–

Ben Folds, Brick

Coldplay, Fix You (Sandy describes this song as “Tear Pie”)

The Script, Breakeven

So what are your favorite songs to make you cry like an idiot?

(Note: this post is inspired by being stuck at the mechanic for 2 hours on Saturday morning, and 500 Days of Summer was on the TV, and in that last scene where he goes to stupid Zooey Deschanel’s party is such a kick to the stomach)


Ceremonials, Florence and the Machine (2011)

If there is one thing I’m NOT qualified to be, it’s a music critic.  All the musical talent in my family bypassed me, and went directly to my brothers.  Sometimes Mr. Beez likes to play a game called “Name that Instrument” when we’re listening to the radio.  I can consistently identify piano, drums, and cowbell. If it’s anything else, I guess trumpet, because Mr. Beez (as a trumpeter) usually picks trumpets so he can show off by naming the mute being used.

I’m still getting the hang of Spotify.  I think Pandora’s radio stations are better when I want a mix of things.  When I’m in the mood for David Bowie, and actually want to HEAR David Bowie, I like Spotify better because it lets you listen to full albums and doesn’t insist that the Rolling Stones are an acceptable substitute for Bowie (which they are not).  I do not, however, like that Spotify advertises everything I listen to on my facebook wall, because when it comes to music, I tend to gravitate to the ridiculous and embarassing.

I was perusing Spotify’s “newly added” listing, and upon learning that Boyz II Men just re-released CooleyHighHarmony, I did what any self-respecting woman in her right mind would do, and listened to Motownphilly 15 times.  Baby Beez and the birds began to doubt that I knew anything about chillin’ on South Street, and started to raise a racket, so it was time for something new.

Florence & the Machine’s new album, Ceremonials, is available on Spotify to listen to in full.  I had no idea who Florence & the Machine was until Florence Welch performed at the Grammy’s.  She’s got pipes.  I have been known to sing along loudly and off key with “The Dog Days are Over,” and this past weekend I saw (and enjoyed) the music video for “Shake it Out,” so I knew this record had something good in store.

Ceremonials is a perfect album for a long car drive, or for keeping your brain motivated while you’re getting some work done.  If I had a better music-related vocabulary, I could properly explain why I liked the album, but I don’t, so you’re stuck with “This is great! Listen to it!”

I could definitely see Ceremonials booting Madonna’s True Blue out of the coveted honor of “only CD in my car’s CD player because I’m too lazy to change it.”

I’m now keeping an eye out for Florence & the Machine’s US Tour dates (note: none in the vicinity of Pittsburgh currently booked).   I’m sure they’d be a great band to see live.  One of my very few complaints about the ‘burgh is that its live music scene could  use some improvement (sidenote: I am super-sad that I missed Fitz & the Tantrums at Mr. Small’s last night. I hope they come by again soon).


MTV is dirty thirty!

MTV’s older than me! My mother hated MTV and banned it from the house.  Of course as soon as she went out the door, it was MTV time!  Even though MTV shows virtually no music videos now, I’m still a sucker for Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, and plenty of other trash TV gems.

In celebration of MTV’s dirty thirty, here some music videos that are (or were) my favorites!

Guns n’ Roses– November Rain

Paula Abdul– The Promise of a New Day.

I am enough of an adult now that I can admit that (1) this video is TERRIBLE, and (2) that I LOVED it when I was a kid.  It’s terribleness is mesmerizing.

Genesis– Land of Confusion

Busta Rhymes– Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See


THAT one is not a favorite, technically. I’m including it as a “most memorable,” because I was TERRIFIED of it. I have no idea why. It gave me nightmares. Even now, I couldn’t remember much about it, other than it was a Danzig video, it scared the daylights out of me, and it reminded me of Deadly Towers (for which I had an odd fondness, despite never being able to get beyond the very first scene of the game).