New Kicks

I’ve been pounding the pavement (well, really the treadmill, the track and the elliptical) for the last 2.5 years in my trusty Brooks.  I keep telling myself that they still look fine and work fine, so they’re still fine to use, but really it is time for new running shoes.  I think the guideline is something like 1 year/150 miles.  Well, we’re way beyond that.  Happily, I ordered a new pair of shoes yesterday!


Mr. Beez says the 80s puked all over these, but I LOVE THEM!

I’ve had bad luck with running shoes giving me painful blisters, so I love that these come with a 15 day trial period. There’s nothing worse than picking out new running shoes, taking them out for a spin, realizing that they’re just not going to work, and not being able to return them.  That’s why I’ve never ordered running shoes online before (at least you minimize the risk by getting fitted at a specialty running store).  The trial period is an all around win for me!

And Baby Beez certainly has more shoes than she needs, but I just couldn’t help myself from sharing the bright-color fun with her too.



Shopping Spreeeeeee

My bank card somehow was compromised and someone made a fraudulent purchase on it over the weekend. (This fraudulent purchase was $40 at 7-11.  I’d like to hope they at least got something interesting with it, like 40 hot dogs).  Luckily I check my bank account all the darn time and was able to identify the fraud right away (and there was only one, phew!).  I got the bank on the phone and took care of it immediately. This means that my bank card is now no good and I have to wait for a new one. This is good timing for my card to get stolen because I am in a mood to shop! shop! shop! Lacking a card will keep this stupid expensive impulse under control.

These are some things I want want want:


I’ve been eyeing this Kate Spade tote for ages.  It’s finally half off, although way more than I want to spend on a tote. Then again, I’ve been wishing and dreaming and hoping for this bag, so it may be worth it for the peace of my little mind.


We can has springtime? Maybe? Possibly? Or I could put this fun springy dress on and stay indoors and sip iced tea and pretend it’s springtime because it feels like it’s never ever going to get warm again.


The necessity of these shoes needs no explanation.


I’m not hipster enough to pull off wearing this sweatshirt in public, but it’s super cute for lounging at home.  Also, I am writing this post at night sitting in front of the TV, and I just realized that the sweatshirt I am wearing is 13 years old. Time for a new one, right (or at least one with non-fraying cuffs….)


Some Sunday Sunshine

The gray gray sky, every single day. It’s too much. I need some sunshine. I’ve been turning my desk lamp on at work and that has helped a little, but I think I need to just go for it and buy one of those full-spectrum SAD lights that I’ve had my eye on for the last few years, but have never had the heart to plunk the cash down for.

The tipping point for me joining Weight Watchers and steeling my resolve to get to the darn gym was because a few months back, I hit an all time low with energy. It was like I was riding from coffee to coffee, just to keep myself functional.  I was getting enough sleep at night, but I wasn’t feeling rested in the day.  I knew that it would not get any better until I changed my habits.  I’ve still been fatigued, the short days and lack of sunlight do not help.  Yesterday, finally, I had a breakthrough!  I had energy! I was excited to get to the gym, and once there, I hopped on the treadmill and ran a whole 30 minutes!  The last time I ran was probably in October, and even then the longest stretch was about 12 minutes.  But yesterday, a whole 30 minutes! Victory!

I had a successful week at Weight Watchers, and I’m getting excited to hit my 10% goal in a few weeks and go SHOPPING!  I don’t have any specific ideas yet, but how cute are these:



Mr. Beez says that no way no how do I need any more shoes, but how fun would it be to have some sunny kicks to up my energy at the gym?


I’ve been grateful that work has been at the manageable end of the crazy-spectrum lately which has given me the flexibility and opportunity to focus on my health and well being.  I realized yesterday that March is going to be full-speed-ahead.  I’ve got an article, a significant brief,  a trial and a conference presentation all on my plate.  Feast or famine, folks. But I think that I am finally feeling refreshed from this somewhat quieter time, and I’m excited and ready to take on all these tasks.


In Between Pants

I went (online) shopping under protest this morning. I usually LOVE shopping online, in real life, from a catalog, whatever.  This time, not so much.  I’m in that frustrating in-between phase of weight loss.  I’ve lots enough weight that my work pants look terrible on me.  The bum is saggy, they give me elephant legs, oh dear lord they look awful.  I bought a new pair of black pants at Banana Republic a couple weeks ago that actually fit, and when I wear them, I feel like a million bucks.  Of course, I’m not made of money, so new Banana Republic pants aren’t an every day thing.

My abs don't look like this at all. Not even close. But you get the idea.

My abs don’t look like this at all. Not even close. But you get the idea.

I didn’t want to buy new pants right now, because it feels like doing so gives my current size permanence.  If I buy new clothes for my body how it is now, then my body’s going to settle where it is.  I don’t want that.

When I someday get down to my “goal weight” (yes, I’m actively working on that with WW and gym visits and yoga and personal training), I want to splurge on nice clothes and even make a look book with a personal stylist.  Buying new pants now chips away at my fashion fund, and feels like I’m nibbling at a treat I did not yet earn.

I bought the pants, but I didn’t buy them happily.  NY & Co. is running a buy-one-get-one-50%-off sale right now, so I got 4 pairs of cheap pants for about what I paid for my nice new Banana Republic pants.  NY & Co. tends not to be the greatest quality, but who cares? Maybe that will motivate me to lose more weight so those pants don’t fit anymore.

How do you deal with your in-between pants phase?



When I visited my mom in Los Angeles for her wedding last month, I just could not resist a trip to Nordstrom’s Rack.  Pittsburgh has finally joined civilized society and acquired a Nordstrom proper, but we still don’t have a Nordstrom’s Rack, and that is a crying shame.

A couple of months back I saw a soft, beautiful, and completely outside my budget Michael Kors asymmetrical zip moto jacket.  I don’t ride motorcycles, I don’t go out to many fashionable places, and moto jackets aren’t office friendly, but omg did I want that lovely garment.

I tried to find it online at a (hopefully) more reasonable price, but as my luck would have it, the jacket seemed to be sold out everywhere.

But when I walked into the Rack– BOOM. Right there! And half off! And it was mine.

I don’t have a good picture of me wearing it, because we keep having nasty weather, and I haven’t gotten around to weatherproofing it yet. But oh boy do I love this jacket.  Now I just need to start hanging out at dive bars and the roller derby so I have an opportunity to show this puppy off.

Dear Jacket,

I love you.