Life with Small Person

This weekend, Baby Beez woke up sobbing hysterically. I rushed to her side to comfort her.

“Did you have a nightmare?” I asked.

“Yesss” she whined.

“What did you dream?”

“That we didn’t get Grandma a birthday cake!”



This morning, preparing for the day:

“Baby Beez, what do you want for dinner tonight?”

“Tacos!” She answered excitedly.

I responded, “That sounds good!”




No real title today

One thing you don’t realize when you get into litigation is that the busy times are actually manageable. When you have crisis upon crisis, you triage and get to work. It’s the more manageable times that feel more stressful. You’re so used to chaos that when things settle down a little, all the stress comes tumbling down. And even though the work itself is more manageable at those times, they’re more emotionally draining because it’s like you’ve stored up all that stress during the busy period and it all comes pouring out at once when you have a moment of quiet. This is a long way of saying that work is very manageable right now, but I’m still feeling stressed nonetheless.

If I’ve learned anything, its that the only effective way for me to burn off stress is to run, and I need to fit in a couple of runs this week. Also, I’m craving some TV binge watching. I don’t even know what I’d watch. I just want to sit and watch TV for hours on end. I was binge-watching Breaking Bad, but I only left seasons 1-3 out to watch, and all the rest of the DVDs are in storage (with the rest of our stuff). I’m considering re-upping my Netflix, if only to check out Orange is the New Black and House of Cards.

June will be a month of fun. On Friday I have us all signed up for the Riverview 5k….however I just learned that Meeting of Important People will be playing (for free!) at First Fridays at the Frick! I really love Meeting of Important People, but I feel like I’ll be a flake if I don’t do the 5k. I’m not running it with anyone, but feel like if I signed up to be somewhere, I should be somewhere. Then again, I think we will all have more fun at First Fridays at the Frick. What would you do?

Mr. Beez is out of town next week, so it’s girl’s night every night. I think I’ll take Baby Beez out to the Three Rivers Arts Festival, maybe even a few times. With our house all packed we still have to eat dinner out every night, so we might as well enjoy some chicken-on-a-stick and gyros while listening to some music. The third week of the month brings the Ben Folds + Pittsburgh Symphony concert as well as my Bench Bar trip to Seven Springs. I’ll be speaking during the Young Lawyers Division CLE on issues about social media, and I’m really excited about that.

We’ll be going on family vacation late in June as well. We’ll be flying in to San Francisco and spending a day walking around there, then driving up to spend the week with my Dad & Stepmom in Oregon. We drive back down on July 5, and (I’m really excited about this!!) will be taking a tour of Alcatraz Island before hopping on our red-eye flight back to the Burgh. What are your favorite activities in San Francisco?

June is filled to the brim with fun things to do in Pittsburgh. If you haven’t checked it out already, you really need to give Pittsburgh Mommy Blog’s June activity round up a look.


Are you going to the Royal Ball?

Mr. Beez and I are always up for a good party, but it’s not usual for us to be able to bring Baby Beez along. Cocktails, dancing and silent auctions aren’t usually compatible with a 3 year old’s interests, which is a little unfortunate, because boy does that kid love to put on a fancy dress.

Enter: The Gemini Children’s Theater Royal Masquerade Ball! Pittsburgh’s beloved children’s theater company includes the young ones in its annual gala, which is coming up on May 17, 2014 at the Syria Shrine Center. The event features a full dinner, singing and dancing, appearances by beloved storybook characters, prizes and FUN.

Gemini Children's Theater

The Royal Ball is an integral fundraiser for the operations of Gemini Theater. We attended our first Gemini show this January, and had a wonderful time. The shows are especially engaging for young kids. I love that the shows have a low key vibe. Gemini also hosts children’s birthday parties, and is an ideal spot for a big group outing. When we went in January, we went with four other families, and it was all pretty easy to coordinate. Then we hit up D’s Dogs for dinner afterward, which made the whole thing a perfect affair.

So are you up for dressing like princesses and prancing in to the Royal Ball? It’s this Saturday, and you can buy tickets here. You’ll notice from my blog that I don’t do giveaways, product reviews or sponsored posts. Gemini hasn’t offered me anything in exchange for promoting their event. I just think it’s a great event and an awesome theater organization. I hope my readers will as well!


A quick relay recap #RunHomePGH @PGHMarathon

A quick relay recap #RunHomePGH @PGHMarathon

I ran leg 4 of the Pittsburgh Marathon relay yesterday, my leg was mapped at about 6 miles long, but my race app clocked about 7 miles. I guess I spent that route zigzagging back and forth.

I’ve volunteered at the Pgh Marathon several times, and this is the third year that we brought Baby Beez out to watch the runners. I wanted to take some adorable pictures of her ringing a cowbell and cheering people on, but she’s hit a phase where she’s all DO NOT TAKE A PICTURE MAMA. I should respect her opinions, but she has a darn cute angry face. And no matter what I do, this kid’s in for a lifetime of therapy anyway, so snap away!

Baby Beez at the marathon

Mr. Beez and Baby Beez and I ran into our friend Peter, and all cheered together for a while. We saw most of the wheelchair racers and the elite runners. Once the bigger race crowd started coming in, I crossed over to the corral to wait (and wait and wait and wait).

Cheering section

The relay corral was chock full of runners at the starting line, which resulted in a delay of about a half hour. Each of our relay team members ran about an 11 minute mile, with a total chip time of 5:11. I’m proud to say that was faster than either of the marathons I ran (nearly ten years ago).

waiting to start

Seriously the hardest part of the run was the waiting. It was the perfect level of chilly for running, but too chilly for running around. I bounced around a bit, trying to keep warm, but the wait did wear down the adrenaline a bit, which resulted in a more difficult run. Given that I was able to plow through 10 mi a few weeks ago, with a little more training I am comfortable saying I can take on the half next year.

The run itself was great fun. I went from Shadyside, through Point Breeze, Homewood, East Liberty, Highland Park and ended in Bloomfield. While waiting to start my run, I saw Alex working his way through the marathon, and I got to run a few paces alongside him to cheer him on.


I finished the run feeling great and feeling proud. The rest of the day was spent casually working on the house and feeling happy.

Baby Beez

Baby Beez admired my medal, because it was “Just like Wreck It Ralph!!” When I told her I won it, she got really sad because she didn’t win it. I told her that next year she can run in the kid’s race and win her own medal. She smiled, “A race for girls and boys?” “Yes,” I told her. And she cheered. Next year, the route is hers to conquer!

Today I’ve been home, stuck in bed all day, rather sick. Writing this post is the longest amount of time I’ve been able to spend awake. This is the second time in two weeks I’ve been so sick I’ve had to stay home, and Baby Beez was likewise awfully sick last week. I don’t know what’s going around, but I’m gonna start bathing in Purell every day. Seriously, I do not have time to be sick right now.


Sometimes, even just for a brief little tiny moment, I feel like I’ve got it together.

It takes somewhere around 2 hours for me to get everything together and get out the door in the morning. This looks like an immense amount of time written down, but it makes sense, considering it involves: getting myself showered, dressed & makeup on, packing lunch for me & Mr. Beez, making breakfast for me & Baby Beez, sometimes throwing dinner in the crockpot, getting the birds fed and watered, getting Baby Beez dressed and wrangled and OMG KID STOP TAKING EVERYTHING APART AND WHINING AND SCREAMING. So yeah, a lot happens in those two hours.

For pretty much every weekday morning since Thanksgiving, those two hours have consisted of alternating whining, yowling and shrieking from Baby Beez. I throw in an exasperated plea to tell me WHAT on earth is so terrible, because I’ll probably fix it for you if you just tell me WHAT is so terrible, but that always goes unheeded. This morning set off pretty much the same way with the toddler drama.

Then I made it to work and in the course of the day I felt pretty proud of myself. I was focused, I was gettin’ stuff DONE. I even had to make a run out to pack up our birds and take them to be boarded for the next 10 days, or as I like to call it “Deliver them to Oh-How-I-Wish-It-Were-Summer Camp.” Tomorrow starts a construction project in the house that involves stuff getting smashed and drilled and sprayed, and the featherbeasts cannot be here for that. I expected that getting the birds into their respective carriers would be the Trauma of the Century for our little Ricky, but he ended up behaving very nicely, not biting me, and even sitting on my hand for a minute and pretending that he does not hate me.

I bite.

I bite.

Even with that detour this afternoon, I got back to the office and I was killin’ it. Mr. Beez had an evening obligation tonight, so it was just Baby Beez and me. When I picked her up from daycare, the teacher announced “She didn’t nap today.”


I was bracing myself for an evening to mirror our morning. In the car ride home, Baby Beez asked for Cinnamon Toast Crunch & Scrambled Eggs for dinner. Sure kid, that’s fine. I won’t be winning any child nutrition prizes tonight, but that’s a dinner I can handle making, especially if it will keep her happy. Since I’m the “fun parent” (i.e. the idiot responsible for encouraging all that whining), I even let her watch her current Disney favorite (Hercules) at the table while she ate.

And she ate everything. And didn’t whine. And after eating, she played a little bit. And then I said it was time for a bath. And she went upstairs. And took a bath. Without whining. And then I said it’s time to brush your teeth. And we brushed teeth. Without whining. And then it was time to get in bed, and we read a Llama Llama book. All without whining. And I gave her a kiss and she closed her eyes and snuggled under the blanket.

And I went downstairs and ran a couple miles on the treadmill. And it felt good. Then I stretched and drank some water. And now I am writing all this down. And for once in recent memory, I feel just the tiniest tiniest bit like I’m not treading water. Like I’ve made it a couple paddles forward, and I’m going to be OK.

Now I will go upstairs and read my book.