Sweet & sassy .@QueenFarinaHny

Sweet &  sassy .@QueenFarinaHny

At an extended-family gathering last year, my cousins Gina and Aubs were handing out these lip balm things. Since I like free things, and my lips are forever chapped and I lose lip balm like it’s nobody’s business (at the frequency I lose these things, I really don’t understand why stray lip balms aren’t falling out of the couch cushions and corners of the closets. The answers: lip balm gnomes. But I digress)

Anyway, free lip balm, and I was like YES PLEASE.

Little did I know that their lip balm is TOTALLY RAD. And I’m using TOTALLY RAD in the non-ironic shared nostalgia sense of these are my cousins who used to have NKOTB sheet sets and my brother and I teamed up with them (my brother with Gina and I with Aubrey) and had singing contests to see who could sing the songs from The Little Mermaid better. Again, I digress. (Aubs & I were totally better.)

They were handing out lip balms because they had recently jumped into the wild and wonderful world of beekeeping, and were just getting things going. I selected the cappuccino flavor for myself, and the flavor was very nice and subtle. The lip balm was so incredibly smooth and non greasy, because it was completely natural beeswax. None of that petroleum-product, preservative laden nonsense. One word of advice- it does melt easily. So keep it in a relatively cool place so it does not melt (i.e. not in your car cup holder in a Pittsburgh summer. D’oh!)

Gina and Aubs have expanded their products to honey, creamed honey, honey comb, olivewood honey dippers, and beeswax. I’m excited to share their honey products with you with a giveaway contest. It’s simple to enter through the Rafflecopter below, and will run through November 3. The winner gets a $20 gift code to use in the Queen Farina store! Enter away, my lovelies!

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