Sunday Mix

  • I am going STIR CRAZY for vacation. But my first trip of the year isn’t for another six weeks.  Last night I had a dream that I was on a cruise (we are cruising with Baby Beez and our parents in tow this July). When I woke up I had a big sad because I was not on a cruise. I was in my bed.  My bed is nice, but it is not a cruise.


  • The most recent issue of National Geographic Traveler featured the best guided tours.  A number of them are hiking tours.  A couple years ago, I also read about Mountain Lodges of Peru.  Now I am wanting to learn to hike hike hike!  Some trekking through McConnells Mill or Raccoon Creek is in order this summer.
  • Sandy and I went to Park Bruges for brunch today. Moules! Frites! Sunday is for brunching, and this brunch was just what I needed.
  • Of all my magazine subscriptions (we’re talking like 15ish subscriptions) I’m loving O and National Geographic Traveler the most right now.  O always has the best book suggestions and suggestions in general for little things and shortcuts that make life easier.  National Geographic Traveler is giving me lots of fantastic travel ideas, and is making me very very impatient for summer vacations.
  • It is a beautiful sunny day outside, but Mr. Beez and I are relaxing this afternoon on the couch, watching movies.  It feels like a waste of a sunny day, but it’s nice to just hang out with Mr. Beez.  I missed him while he was away for the week.

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