Sumpin New

I’ve had an interest in fashion as long as I can remember. I remember poring through Harper’s Bazaar in junior high.  And now, I subscribe to at least six fashion magazines.  You know what I’m NOT good at? Being fashionable.  Because fashion involves risk. And I’m incredibly risk averse.  The result often is that I end up with the same basic but refined hairstyle, and the same nearly all-black outfit, and the same conservative makeup over and over and over.

Maybe it is a function of getting older.  Maybe it is a function of my career– where day to day I am tasked with resolving real problems.  And you know what, an outfit that looks stupid is not a real problem.  And maybe it is my Birchbox subscription that puts samples of new and different cosmetics right in my hot little hands for me to play with, without the inconvenience of me actually having to go out and get anything.  But I’ve been playing a lot with hair, makeup and fashion lately, and having some fun with it. In particular, I’ve been playing with lip colors that I would never consider picking up at the store, and adding new colors and cuts to the clothes in my wardrobe.  I’m breaking away from my old approach of having a fixed outfit in mind when I buy something, and wearing only that outfit over and over.  Instead, I’m trying to pick up pieces I love as I see them, and have more flexibility with how I mix and match them within my wardrobe.

I’m letting go of worrying about others thoughts about how I look.  Because you know what, there are plenty of magazine photos where I think that the people DO look stupid, but someone else thinks they look great, and how about that, they’re in a magazine. Quick shout-out to two of my local fashion inspirations: Laura at The Glamorous Pursuit and Terra at Stylish White Female, both of whom make looking glam and gorgeous look so effortless.

So for Podcamp on Saturday, I decided to try a little sumpin new.  I put my hair up in a fun (but not perfect!) topknot, which is much more adventurous than any other style I’m known to sport.  I also slathered Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso on my lips.  This color is a shock to a girl who almost never wears lipstick, but I’ve now worn it about three times, and every single time I do, I get a compliment on it.  It’s a bold look, but if it’s moving people to go out of their way to tell me they like the color, it’s worth adding into heavy rotation.


So here I am after picking up a much-needed coffee and choc chip cookie at Big Dog (amazing cookies, btw. Dear lord I love that little coffee shop).  It was a VERY different look for me, but I felt comfortable in it, and that is key.  This won’t be an everyday look for me, but it’s fun to be open to trying out new things.

Have you tried anything new with your “look” lately? What worked? What didn’t?

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