Springtime in Pittsburgh

Springtime in Pittsburgh

I grew up in Southern California. In the “High Desert” to be precise. We had plenty of sunny days, plenty of clear days, plenty of warm days, yet I have very few memories of being excited about it being a “beautiful day.” I remember a few days surrounding the local Almond Blossom Festival, and that the weather was always pleasant when that festival came around, but I didn’t have true appreciation for a beautiful day until I moved to Pittsburgh.

We don’t have many beautiful days in Pittsburgh. It’s either cold and snowy and hot and rainy. It’s cloudy cloudy cloudy all the darn time. I’ve heard that we’re second to only to Seattle in cloudy days in the USA.

Pittsburghers appreciate a beautiful day. When it’s sunny, warm and clear, there’s an energy to the air. It buzzes. People are happy. Joggers fill the sidewalks, people cheerfully eat their lunches on outside benches. Everyone is cheerful. It is absolutely wonderful.

After an unwelcome cold snap, it was lovely on Wednesday. I picked Baby Beez up from daycare and she begged to go to the playground (note: this child is not playground deprived, they go to the playground every day at daycare…she just really really loves the playground), so we made our way to the Blue Slide Park. (That’s a picture of the eponymous blue slide up above. That’s not Baby Beez though. It’s a picture I randomly found on the internets).


Baby Beez is, and is intended to remain, an only child. From time to time I worry that maybe she’ll end up shy without siblings. This is so not the case. In the back of my mind, I know it’s not the case, because she’s so loud and bossy around her friends at school, but it was so enjoyable and reassuring to see her stomping around the park, unabashedly approaching the big kids, and asking “WHAT’S YOUR NAME?” and trying to boss them around. A few of the big kids shot her confused looks when she would yell “COME ON! WE HAVE TO GO!” but they were kind and friendly enough to her.  This child is definitely not an introvert.


She was very unhappy when it was time to go, but I promised her we would return to the playground on the next nice day.

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