Spooooky Pittsburgh Happenings– Haunted Pittsburgh Tour! .@vstpgh #LovePgh

Spooooky Pittsburgh Happenings– Haunted Pittsburgh Tour! .@vstpgh #LovePgh

The weather is perfectly appropriate for my Halloween mood.  However, I have this fantastic neon-orange skull scarf that I bough in Prague, but I don’t think I can wear it again until December. Wearing it now means I will look like a holiday-crazed kindergarten teacher, not an edgy fashionista. So in the closet it goes.

I love Halloween happenings.  I love going to the pumpkin patch and sipping hot apple cider or (better yet) mulled wine.  Baby Beez is on a field trip this morning to the pumpkin patch.  I’m a little nervous about all the kids venturing out like this, but I keep reminding myself that they take the kids out for walks and small outings all the time, so everything will be fine at the pumpkin patch. This didn’t stop me from giving Baby Beez TWO lectures about how she needs to listen to her teachers, hold hands, and stay with her friends.

Baby Beez' first visit to the pumpkin patch

Baby Beez’ first visit to the pumpkin patch

I’m excited that we have plans to go to Zoo Boo next weekend.  We went when Baby Beez was just over a year old, and she liked it, but I think she’s really going to have fun now that she’s more of a kid and less of just a lump-on-a-log baby.

baby's first halloween

I love the fun of picking out costumes and getting dressed up and of course, CANDY! I wish I loved haunted houses, but truthfully, the guy wielding the chainsaw terrifies me. When Baby Beez is bigger we may do a daytime non-scary haunted house tour (and I’ll blame it on her age), but until then, I’m steering clear of haunted places.

As the weather gets cooler, outside activities are growing sparse. If you want to fill your Halloween with real ghost stories instead of creep-os in Michael Meyers masks, your best bet is Haunted Pittsburgh tours.  My friends Erin and Mark ventured on one of these outings a few weeks ago.  They run Fridays and Saturdays at 7pm from the City-County building, but when October ends, so do they.

photo (1)

The tour winds through downtown, and shares the lesser-known spooooky history of this fair city.  Many of the stories are from the age of the robber barons, so they are more fascinating than scary.  Although there is much talk of ghosts and tragedy, the tour is appropriate for most ages.


I loved that our tour guide was totally into it. It’s not the easiest task to sell a 100 year old ghost story to a smirking bunch of 30somethings, but he was incredibly charismatic. His enthusiasm gave the tour that extra oomph of awesome.  Although I usually like to take first-timers in Pittsburgh on a ducky tour, this tour is perfect for your visitors who are here on their second (or more) time around.  It’s also a fantastic outing for residents, because you learn so much more about the structures you are already familiar with.  In fact, most of the participants on the tour were locals. The tour is about 90 minutes long, which is perfectly timed for you to end the evening by stopping off at Papa J’s for a drink, and maybe an otherworldly visit!

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