Some Sunday Thoughts

Mr. Beez and I spent a lovely weekend at The Big Potluck, and returned this afternoon. We had just enough hours left in the day for me to go out for a run with Baby Beez. And by “with,” I mean she quickly grew tired of the jogging stroller and insisted on running alongside me. That girl is fast and excluding some walk breaks here and there, we probably ran a full mile together.

I was still riding the wave of excitement about seasonal, healthy food when I returned home, and threw together a farmshare soup. Meaning, I grabbed a whole bunch of stuff left over from our farmshare, and turned it in to soup. It was surprisingly fantastic. I’m not very skilled with spices, and often under-salt things. The soup was full of tomatoes, kohlrabi, peppers, leeks, garlic and kale, and I decided I wanted it to have a salty/umami flavor, so I seasoned it with salt, pepper, cumin and Bragg’s liquid aminos. It turned out perfect. So hearty and so flavorful.

I had all these wonderful posts started in my brain and I planned to write them all on the way home. Then I slept the whole car ride home. Even though we got to bed at a sensible hour each night of the conference, it was still a busy and high-energy time and I was just wiped out. So all those posts about the things I learned, the friends I made, and all the inspiration will have to wait. Good night, yinz.

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