RIP Ray Bradbury

Yesterday the world received the unfortunate news that beloved author Ray Bradbury passed away.

Bradbury was a brilliant, creative author.   I remember picking through my dad’s bookcase, I must have been in junior high, or maybe 9th grade, and stumbling upon the mesmerizing cover of The Illustrated Man.  I had to know what was between those pages.  I must have read that book 4 times.  Before finding Bradbury, I read a lot of Roald Dahl, and a lot of books that had been, in one way or another, introduced to me through school.  Bradbury was my introduction to reading well beyond school’s walls.  After The Illustrated Man, I started picking up Vonnegut’s books, then “Different Seasons” by Stephen King, and also “The Bachman Books,” and eventually Douglas Coupland and Douglas Adams.

 Bradbury introduced me to a world that was weird and wild and wonderful.  Rest in Peace Ray Bradbury, you will be missed.

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