Retail Therapy

A colleague remarked to me in the elevator “You look exhausted.”

My first thought was “I don’t think she really needed to tell me that.”  My second thought was “I look a mess.”

Granted, it was Thursday. Somehow Thursday is always the roughest day of the week.  I was exhausted.  Baby Beez had a 20 minute power struggle meltdown before we left the house for the day.  I’d already prepped a witness and done a deposition.  I was racing around preparing trial motions and briefs and all those things you have to get in order before the trial starts on Monday (back to back trials like I’ve had this month are not par for the course in civil litigation, it’s been quite a month).  So in short, I was exhausted. And I looked it.

Then it was Friday.  But not the usual kind of Friday.  It was one of those Fridays where you are staring down the barrel of a whole weekend full of work.  And I captured a few seconds to sneak out early from the office (by “early” I mean 4:30), to give myself a breather before kicking off that weekend.

So I strolled on down to the mall for some retail therapy.  I got myself a mani-pedi.  I never much liked pedicures until I was like 8 mos pregnant, huge, uncomfortable and swollen. I am incredibly ticklish and pedicures were just uncomfortable.  But when I was in that late stage of pregnancy,  I couldn’t see my toes, much less paint them.  I started getting pedicures because they made me feel pretty, more put together, while in that whale of a body.  Pedicures are still uncomfortable for me, but they make me feel put together.  So I strolled on down to the mall, got myself a mani-pedi, and felt human again.

Next stop was Sephora for some retail therapy.

I have a love-hate relationship with my Birchbox subscription.  I love that little box of beauty product samples that arrives each month, but then each box gets me hooked on more and more products. BeneTint Lip & Cheek Stain? LOVE IT.  Eyeko skinny liquid eyeliner? LOVE IT.  And so my Sephora points keep racking up.

Now I’m feeling a little rested and a lot more put together.  Bring it on, trial!

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