Ready for Fall

Ready for Fall

Don’t hate me for it you guys, but I’m totally ready for fall.  Sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, new boxes of pens.  I love everything about fall.  At the beginning of summer I had just come off back-to-back trials and nonstop other work and was exhausted.  I was ready to travel. I was ready for fun. I needed to get the heck out of dodge.  Then I spent pretty much eight weeks outta dodge.  It was incredibly fun and incredibly relaxing, and boy did I need fun and relaxing.

But now I’m ready to be back in the swing of normal life.  Normal weekends with normal things like doing laundry and getting some exercise in and catching up on the various “to-do’s” that have gathered up.  Quality time on the couch with my husband, watching silly sci-fi TV.

The combination of a blog post by Emily Levenson and the buzz of back-to-school in the air has invigorated me with newfound excitement for my work.  While I did a long run through beautiful North Park on Saturday, I thought about Emily’s question at the end of her post: What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done?  My initial thought was running the marathons in 2005, but then that faded away beneath the bad thoughts about how everyone runs marathons and that’s not special and other such not-nice things that I really should not be bogging myself down with.

But then I thought more about my work.  I obviously knew it, but hadn’t thought about it so much in this context before– I’ve had a hand in briefing/presenting cases to the PA Superior Court, PA Supreme Court, 4th Circuit Court of Appeals (yes 4th, not 3rd, but probably 3rd too in the relative future) and US Supreme Court.  I’m only going in to my 7th year.  This is both tremendous luck and tremendous hard work.  And I think that both the coolest thing that has ever happened to me is that I’ve had these opportunities, and that the coolest thing I’ve ever done is that I’ve worked hard enough and proven myself enough for senior people to trust me and have me involved in these amazing projects, and that I’ve had the hand in the interpretation of this country’s laws.  Those warm fuzzy thoughts powered me through the last 2 miles of my run.

I said I’m “only” going in to my 7th year, but it’s also “omg I’m going in to my 7th year.”  It’s business time, folks.  The forgiveness of a learning curve is long gone.  I’m at that point where (I hope) I’ve shown the people I work with that I know how to practice law, and know how to do so efficiently and knowledgeably.  Now it’s really up to me to show the rest of the world how well I can do these things.  And those memories encourage me that even when I’m uncertain or stressed or nervous, I do know how to practice law. The next few years are make it or break it time. I intend to make it.

I’m ready for fall. I’m ready for back-to-school. Now pass the pumpkin spice latte.

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