Random Round Up

The East End Food Co-Op Winterfest celebration was on January 23.  Usually there are like 5 times more people in attendance than the venue can handle, but this time, due to a big ol’ snowstorm that morning, the crowds were much more reasonable.  There was plenty of food and lots of activities for kids. Baby Beez and I had some fun with the photo booth.

winterfest photobooth

I just finished A Cure for Suicide, and it was such a different, interesting approach from the usual dystopian novel. It was a fast read, and I really enjoyed it, but I also kind of feel like I would have gotten a lot more out of it if I had the opportunity to discuss it.  It would be a good book club book (so tell yer book clubs!!).

A Cure for Suicide

I am watching Baskets and omg.  I doubt that more than like 10 people are also watching it, but it is bizarrely brilliant. More people need to watch this, so that it goes on for a million seasons. It involves: (1) Zach Galifianakis & Louis C.K. (2) Bakersfield. (3) Louie Anderson in a dress. (4) Cloon.


As you can tell from my recent lack of posting, I’m lacking in the blogging mojo right now.  I’ve been to a few new (to me) restaurants lately, and I need to post about them. I feel like all of the adjectives have fallen out of my head and I just don’t have a foodie vocabulary right now.  Pass the coffee plz. And moar. And moar.

Oh, also, I just started Orange is the New Black, and this is the only way I am getting my exercise in right now, because I tell myself that if I want to watch the show, I HAVE to watch it while walking on the treadmill. So walk I do. It’s a lot different than the book, but fantastic all on its own. Also, Jenji Kohan is amazing.


Mr. Beez and I finally became the last people in the universe to finish watching Breaking Bad last week. It was great, blah blah blah, I don’t really have anything else to add about it.  Now that I have Netflix, I am falling down the rabbit hole of TV I have missed over the last couple of years.  Instead of reading 100 books this year, I just may watch 100 TV shows.  We have also just started watching FX’s The People vs. OJ Simpson, and despite my pessimistic expectation that it would be awful, it is not. It’s fantastic. Except for David Schwimmer…I’m like Ross, why are you trying to be buddies with OJ?

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