PRW Picks @PGHRestaurantWk

PRW Picks @PGHRestaurantWk

Pittsburgh’s Restaurant Week will quickly be upon us. In fact, it starts MONDAY! Like usual, I’m taking advantage of this opportunity to get get to a number of restaurants on my “to try” list. if it were up to me, I’d celebrate Restaurant week for 3 meals a day, 7 straight days. But my wallet and my waistline doth protest. Instead, I’m planning on trying a new venue for dinner each day (which may ultimately end up being 3-4 dinners during the week, after you factor in all the inevitable crises, etc.) Here’s my selected lineup, in case you want to try to snag my autograph or buy me a cocktail or what have you:

Monday: Each Restaurant Week I do try to throw in a nod to my husband. He loves steakhouses. I do not love steakhouses so much. I don’t much care about steak, and feel like I can throw just as good of a steak on the grill at home for much cheaper. But whatever, he loves steakhouses. So I’m going to kick off the week by buttering him up with an outing to Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse. Not much to say about it, other than steak steak steak steaky-steak.

Tuesday: This day makes me feel like a huge jerk. I got super excited and super pushy for the Restaurant Week food bloggers dinner to be held at Tamari (because, omg, their brunch, THEIR BRUNCH). Now I have a very completely immovable work commitment, so I must sadly yet again decline the invitation for that fantastic event. But if you’re not me, and you are available that night, seriously hit up the food blogger’s dinner¬† and meet some great folks or even just make your way over for Tamari’s restaurant week specials.

Wednesday: This was going to be the day where I finally made my way to Butcher & the Rye, but apparently B&R has forgotten that this is Pittsburgh and/or gotten a little too big for its britches, and now you can’t get a reservation there until the end of time. Instead, I’ll be venturing with some friends to the understated and always lovely Nine on Nine. Simply: I love that place.

Thursday: Matteo’s is on the schedule for this day. I don’t know much else other than “Italian Food” and “Lawrenceville.” Two things attract me to this place (other than hearing it’s good and liking to try new restaurants): 1. Noodles. Noodles are reliably appealing to Baby Beez, and will make for a much more pleasant family meal out. 2. Wine. They’re offering wine pairings at a mere $15 per person. Yes pls.

Friday: La Palapa. Because GUACAMOLE.

Saturday: Paris 66. It seems like every time Mr. Beez and I visit a French place, it shuts down within 6 months afterward. We have the kiss of death with French restaurants in Pittsburgh. This one’s been around a little while and hopefully will withstand us. I can’t say I have a sophisticated palate when it comes to French cuisine, but I do love all things rich & creamy, so French food reliably makes me happy. Also, champagne. Yes pls.

What’s on your Pittsburgh Restaurant Week dining lineup?

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