Prague: Take Two

Prague: Take Two

The differences between my first visit to Prague (in 2002) and my second visit (now) have been an interesting subject, rolling around in my mind.  I don’t remember entirely what my friends and I did during that first trip to Prague, other than I do know we saw a lot of the city, and I also know I had like zero dollars.  So during that trip there were a lot of things that I noticed and wanted to do, but being a broke college kid, I had no money to do.  Because I am a dork, these things are not the typical college age things (Pub Craw tour, drinking on a boat, drinking everywhere all around the Prague all the time), but rather artsy nerdy things.  Things like seeing the Don Giovanni puppet show and the Blacklight Theater Show, and hearing an organ concert in the Hussite Church.  It’s been fun to get to explore these things that had been in limbo on my “want to do” list.

The tourist section of Prague is not terribly big.  I wish I could have a resident tour guide who could show me the residential side of Prague– where people take their friends for birthday dinners, where people do their grocery shopping, the fun things people do on weekends.  But unfortunately I don’t have a resident tour guide, so for this trip it is the tourist area for me.  Still, this trip has been more interesting and in-depth, since I’ve actually been able to see those things that were off the budget last time.

We took a day excursion to Cesky Krumlov today, which is a lovely little city with a lovely big castle.  It was nice to get out of the city for the day, and the town is very charming.  I’ve been working on (1) getting a better eye for interesting photographs, and (2) using my Snapseed iPhone app to make the most out of the photos I take, and I think today I got some good ones.

Cesky Krumlov Fountain

I am particularly proud of this photo of a fountain in the Cesky Krumlov gardens, which was not edited whatsoever.

Cesky Krumlov

coat of arms

We didn’t get around to eating lunch until around 3.  By that point, I was starving and opted for the national vegetable of the Czech Republic: PORK.  Also, potatoes.

czech vegetables

I ordered the “Rosenberger Devil’s Griddle.”  The Rosenbergers were the aristocrats who built the Cesky Krumlov castle, and I was hoping that with a meal name like that, one bite WOULD SEND ME STRAIGHT TO HELL.  In fact it was sauteed pork with peppers, onions and tomatoes and a side of potato pancakes.  It was quite good, but did not include damnation.

Since our midday meal was late, we weren’t entirely hungry for dinner by the time we returned back to the hotel.  I then proceeded to drag my mother on a trek through the Old City, determined to find a wine bar that i noticed on our first day here (when I REALLY had no idea where anything was).  We walked in circles and circles and circles but eventually found it!


We finished off the day with a lovely bottle of dry white wine from Southern Bohemia with cheese and bread.  Cheese, bread, wine. It doesn’t get better than that.

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