Pity party

I’m home sick this morning. Baby Beez was sick a while ago, then Mr. Beez was sick last week, and then I spent virtually the entire weekend on the couch trying to sleep off the sick. I was at work yesterday, but up most of the night last night. And it hit that point where, yes, I need to stay home and try to rest this off some more. I’m not staying home all day though. I’ve got a 3pm hearing I can’t miss. But at least this gives me some extra time to rest up and eat popsicles.

I feel like I’m sick a lot, but the last time I was sick was actually in January, so I haven’t been sick as much as I think. I’m just throwing myself a whiny pity party. And also while I’m sitting here resting, I’ve got a stopwatch running in my head click-click-clicking all the work time I need to make up by taking this break this morning. Ah, life under the billable hour.

So for now, on my morning of sick, I’m watching VH1 Jump Start Video. VH1 and MTV and E! and EVERYBODY are all so excited about the release of The Great Gatsby.

Confession time: I hate Gatsby.
I read it in high school and thought it was boring and obnoxious and not interesting whatsoever.
So I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t care about The Great Gatsby movie.
Sorry folks.

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