Pittsburgh Restaurants Where You Will Probably Get Yelled At, But It’s Totally Worth It

Family run dining establishments don’t have time for your foolishness!  Nor do they have time for your credit cards! (all of them are cash only)  They do however know how to put together a delicious meal at a great price.  You’ll probably get an earful at any of these Pittsburgh favorites, but the attitude is part of the charm.  The food’s well worth it, too!

1.  Tram’s Kitchen


You better know what you want to want, because these folks do NOT have the time to linger while you make your decision.  Lucky for you, it’s hard to make a bad pick at Tram’s.

2. Zorba’s

Do NOT talk on your cell phone when in line, and CASH ONLY!  ….but try the grilled chicken salad, it’s one of my absolute favorite lunches (it even comes topped with melty cheese and fries)

3. Apollo Cafe

You better know what you want, because the line moves quickly and the staff isn’t patient. (You want an egg & cheese breakfast sandwich with potatoes. Believe me.)

4.  Pamela’s

No we will NOT seat you before your whole party has arrived. No, we will NOT even put your name on the list.  Get everyone here, then we’ll talk.  Luckily the gruff folks are just doing crowd control.  Once you get in, the waitresses are extra sweet, and the strawberry hotcakes are legendary.

Is there anywhere else where you might have to take a yelling, but can expect a good meal?

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