@PghRestaurantWk recap with @McAndSchmicks @51_Wings @TexasDeBrazil & @HabitatPgh

@PghRestaurantWk recap with @McAndSchmicks @51_Wings @TexasDeBrazil & @HabitatPgh

I went to law school not math school, OKAY. So it should be no surprise that my 10 to 10 countdown ended up being slightly off, and I still have 2 posts in the countdown, but the BIG DAY is 3 days away. So that means you get a filler post about my doings with the Winter 2014 Pittsburgh Restaurant Week. The Restaurant Week blogger dinner is always my most favorite event of the celebration. This time it was a blogger brunch, and due to scheduling conflicts I could not attend. I have a big sad over that. But I did manage to make it out to a number of good places to eat!

First stop was McCormick & Schmicks with Orange Chair Blog Sandy. There are quite a lot of wonderful downtown dinner options during Restaurant Week, but the downtown lunch options are minimal. This is sad, because I would absolutely go to a Restaurant Week lunch every single day of Restaurant Week, if there were more places dahntahn to pick from. The Mc & S special was a $20.14 menu of soup or salad, an entree and dessert. Mc & S is reliably tasty, and no surprise, it delivered. Also, lunch is always lovely when there is creme brulee involved.

That same night the Beez Fam CROSSED THE GREAT MONONGAHELA and visited 51 Wings in Brentwood. It’s a casual place in a roadside shopping plaza, and is a newcomer to restaurant week. The wings were good and the bacon cheese fries shamefully indulgent. I’d say the food itself is standard take-out greasy fare, but 51 Wings really stood apart based on its service. The waitress was extremely friendly and attentive. The owner also works the fryer and came out during out dinner to chat briefly. We told them that we were there because of Restaurant Week (honestly, I wouldn’t have heard of them otherwise) and they were thrilled to have us there as guests. Genuinely thrilled. It was such a pleasant visit.

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The third stop for Restaurant Week was grown-up dinner with Mr. Beez’ parents at Texas de Brazil in Station Square. We have long been big fans of Green Forest Churrascaria in Penn Hills, and were eager to try out the new meat-on-swords in town. The service was friendly and the food fresh and delicious (the salad bar was remarkably fresh), but there are still some kinks to work out with the timing. When we were first seated, the meat servers came around and served us in an overwhelming torrential downpour of steak. That quickly petered out, and my husband was left whimpering “where’s the meat? where’s the meat?” I suspect they do not have the timing down yet for cooking the meat. During the “dry spell” the weren’t avoiding our table, but rather there weren’t servers out at all, and a whole lot of stuff was cooking on the fire. The timing of things needs to be worked out better, but even so, with the great deal they offered for Restaurant Week ($35 per person), we have no complaints.

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For my final Restaurant Week outing, I enjoyed the “Executive Express Lunch” at Habitat with some of my colleagues. The lunch consists of a soup, salad, 1/2 sandwich and dessert all served on one plate. The usual price is $18, but they offered it at a special rate of $14 for Restaurant Week.  I am ridiculously in love with all things related to the Fairmont, so it’s no surprise that I loved lunch too. For $14 you could easily get a lunch in Market Square that’s a lot bigger, but this was just the right size of lunch to be tasty, filling, and not totally destroy my efforts to not eat so darn much.

Three cheers to the Pittsburgh Restaurant Work team! As always they did a wonderful job of coordinating everything, and succeeded in their efforts to get people to explore new restaurants!

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