Party Weekend, Party Food

Party Weekend, Party Food

This weekend involved multiple parties and social engagements. We also visited my in-laws, and I was thrilled to take a short nap on their couch, because I can only take so much running around and socializing. Today (right now really) is also the Superbowl. The only part of the Superbowl that the Beez family is really interested in is the snacks. I made tasty Superbowl snacks, but of course made way too many for our party of 3, so there will be plenty of snacks brought into the office tomorrow.

One of the parties this Party Weekend was a 3 year old birthday party at the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum. We have visited the museum several times before, but this was our first time there for a party. I was so impressed with the party, it was such a lovely time. Of course with a room full of toddlers, it’s total chaos, but it was managed, fun and safe chaos. The party was just long enough for everyone to have tons of fun, but ended before the kids started having exhaustion meltdowns. Baby Beez (and I) had such an awesome time, it was so fun. We had the lucky timing that the party ended right as the museum’s Chinese New Year celebration began, so we got to see the wonderful lion dance performance.




Our little Superbowl snack-fest was meant to be all out gluttony, but I did a 4 mile run right before chow time, and consequently wasn’t even all that hungry. I chowed down, but didn’t CHOW DOWN, so that was good. On the menu:


Seafood nachos, by request of Mr. Beez. He seemed to like them. I thought they were fine as far as nachos go, but lump crab is expensive, and I would have been just as happy with regular cheese nachos. I mean, cheese and chips, you can’t really go wrong.


Cheesy tater skins, also by request of Mr. Beez. Super easy and super good (bake potatoes, cut in half, scoop out middle, toss in cheese, bake some more, top with chives).


And from the WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THIS SOONER files: Buffalo chicken dip stuffed potato skins. @HezziD shared this recipe on twitter today, and while I originally wasn’t all super crazy about Superbowl snacks this year, once I saw that tweet, I was all “I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE!”  And yes, it was everything I could have ever hoped.

We also had chili and pizza available for the eating, but never got around to eating either because omg, why did I make this much food for 3 people?

Unrelated to the above, this week’s slow cooker meal: Crock Pot Beef & Broccoli. Super easy and super satisfying (a little salty for my taste, but easily remedied). This one’s going into permanent rotation in this house.


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