MTV is dirty thirty!

MTV’s older than me! My mother hated MTV and banned it from the house.  Of course as soon as she went out the door, it was MTV time!  Even though MTV shows virtually no music videos now, I’m still a sucker for Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, and plenty of other trash TV gems.

In celebration of MTV’s dirty thirty, here some music videos that are (or were) my favorites!

Guns n’ Roses– November Rain

Paula Abdul– The Promise of a New Day.

I am enough of an adult now that I can admit that (1) this video is TERRIBLE, and (2) that I LOVED it when I was a kid.  It’s terribleness is mesmerizing.

Genesis– Land of Confusion

Busta Rhymes– Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See


THAT one is not a favorite, technically. I’m including it as a “most memorable,” because I was TERRIFIED of it. I have no idea why. It gave me nightmares. Even now, I couldn’t remember much about it, other than it was a Danzig video, it scared the daylights out of me, and it reminded me of Deadly Towers (for which I had an odd fondness, despite never being able to get beyond the very first scene of the game).


Lazy Sunday (2, no 6, no 12…BAKER’S DOZEN!)

1. The Limited must be reading this blog. I stopped in there while on a get-me-out-of-the-house-before-I-lose-it outing today, and found 2 nice shirts and a cardigan all on sale, all work appropriate, and all not dumpy looking. Nice.

2.  My family is usually not in the house on the weekends. We go to the Children’s Museum, the park, friends’ houses, Costco and Target (ok we go to each of those like twice a week), and are generally out and about all over the place all weekend long.  On Friday, however, Baby Beez came home from daycare with pinkeye.  Which means that we took her to the Doctor’s office yesterday, and have kept her indoors the whole rest of the weekend.  She’s too little to understand “keep your germy hands to yourself”.  Yesterday was a kind of nice forced rest.  Today I needed to get out (see: mall outing above).  The way she’s been SCREAMING every time we put drops in her eyes, the neighbors probably think we’re torturing a cat.  And we’ve got 5 more days of eyedrops to go.

3.  I am watching Eat Pray Love and somewhat hating it, and somewhat wanting to go to the fancy grocery store and eat all the cheese and olives and bread.  I netflixed this movie because my friend (since 3rd grade!) Jen has a little part in it.  Look, there’s Jen! Of her in the movie! As portrayed in People Magazine! In a picture I totally ripped off her blog!

This movie is terrifying to me, because it is all the stereotype ridden globetrotting uppermiddle/lowerupper class white lady midlife crisis I’m afraid I may have someday.  I wouldn’t ditch my husband over it, but I can just see myself at 40 pleading with him to take “spiritual” trips to places full of other midlife crisis people like ourselves.  Complete with fanny pack.

4. On the topic of travels, my wheels are spinning in full gear on future adventures.  We have a family long weekend at the beach coming up! And then in a few weeks, I’m adventuring with BlueScissors76 to Philly to visit friends and eat 158 cheesesteaks. We took a family trip to Orlando in July that didn’t really feel very vacation-y, so I’m not feeling fully vacationed this year.  I’m hoping maybe we can do a family trip to Las Vegas over Christmas.

My mother has been talking about going to Prague for the last like 5 years, and it looks like next year that trip may finally happen.  I also threw out an idea to Mike of taking a “surprise” vacation next year–blocking out a specific time in our schedules for a vacation, but not booking it until shortly ahead of time on a “last minute deal” kind of thing.  However, we’ve also talked about doing a long weekend in Paris (there are direct Pittsburgh-to-Paris flights in the summer that aren’t priced badly), and I’ve also been wanting to show him Augsburg, Germany where I lived in 2002.  Any of these would require coordination of childcare with my mom, because I’m not taking a transatlantic flight with an almost-2-year-old.


I need a stylist…and a hair/makeup team…and a manicurist….

I feel like I’ve looked extra sloppy lately.  Not that sloppy is my baseline, but just that my sloppyness feels extra vile.  My size and weight has fluctuated dramatically over the last few years thanks to strapping-on-the-feedbag while studying for the bar exam, hustling off the pounds using weight watchers, and then chowing down on Dunkin Donuts during pregnancy.  Now that I’m well post-baby, I still have no time to cook, so the 9 months of maternity weight gain will probably be shed gradually over say 9 years.

I got a new set of suits when I returned to week post-partum.  They’re not high quality suits, because in imaginaryland those pounds shedded right off. Since I’ve lost a whopping 7 lbs since then, they’re now loose enough to make me look sloppy.  I’m still in imaginaryland thinking I’ll keep losing weight, so I’m not motivated to buy a whole bunch of new suits.  At my old job I had to wear suits every day. Now at my not-really-new-anymore job, I can wear business casual. Admittedly, I suck at business casual.  I wear my sloppy-feeling suits a lot because suits are reliably not underdressed (unless yours make you look like a hobo…like mine do…OK I WILL TAKE THEM TO THE TAILOR. On the to do list this weekend).

So now I want to get some dresses.  As much as I do love fashion, I don’t have that “spark” for it, so I have been known to occasionally pair things in such a way that onlookers assume me to be blind or brain damaged.  I often fall back into the unaccessorized black dress routine. Lucky magazine decided to send me a subscription I never requested or paid for, but it’s all about shopping, so maybe I should actually flip through those pages.

The other complicating factor is that I don’t have a personal style.  A publicly acceptable personal style at least. We’ll call it “Can’t let go of shabby clothes from college.”  Mostly jeans, tattered t-shirts, and beat Puma’s.  The styles I like and covet tend to be high-maintenance and out of my skill range…although if I can develop a few fundamental fashion skills I can probably get by.  The other complicating factor is that summertime drapey-stretchy-dresses are in right now, and drapey-stretchy-dresses look dreadful on me.  Awesome.

Here are my impossible to meet criteria:

1. Sleeves. I occasionally wear sleeveless dresses to work, but really prefer not to.

2. Not all black or gray, because I wear those all the time and am bored with them.

3. Unique, but still classic enough that I can wear it through multiple seasons.

4.  Knee length

5. Structured. Not all drapey or stretchy, and not cut to give me pregnant-belly.

6. Machine Washable (but willing to give up on this one because all the non drapey-stretchy dresses seem to be dry clean only)

7. Not a million dollars

Against my better judgment, I looked at Nanette Lepore’s website…and she has a million dresses that meet all but criteria 6 and 7.  The complicating factor is that I’d need to lose some weight to fit them well, since designer sizes tend to be slimmer than say Target’s generous sizing. Here’s my inspiration to hold off on the Twinkies for a bit:



WHERE has my summer gone

I am still stuck in March. It is now August, the END of summer.
Back to school time is swinging in to high gear (my FAVORITE time of the year for 20+ years of my life…now no new school, but an excuse for shopping)

Every weekend has been busy, I know I’ve been doing things, but in hindsight can’t tell what, so here’s my list of things I’d do this summer if time were no object

  • Visit the Pittsburgh Zoo
  • Go Kayaking
  • Take a trip to Kennywood (and have some potato patch fries)
  • Go to the beach
  • Watch some movies in Schenley Park (probably won’t happen this year, since taking the kid out to “watch” a movie at any time, much less after her bedtime, is guaranteed misery)
  • Take the baby to play on the swingset at the park
  • Go swimming at the JCC family park
  • Buy fruits and veggies at a farmers market
  • Go to a swanky benefit party
  • Drink frozen cosmo’s on the patio of the Harris Grill
  • Spend a morning on the porch sipping coffee
  • Go to Steelers Training Camp (probably going to miss it this year, the nighttime practice is tomorrow, and my training camp buddy is on her honeymoon)
  • Go rollerblading (also perhaps not this year, the trail I usually go on is under construction and very gravelly)
  • Go for a long bike ride in Moraine State Part
  • Make some tasty grilled zucchini and tofu
  • Make a few trips to the Children’s Museum
  • Have a pleasant morning at Bach Beethoven & Brunch in Mellon Park
  • Get in the routine of going running a few times a week (ha ha ha, not happening anytime soon)

In hindsight I’m not doing too badly, but autumn looms ahead. Gotta get moving, can’t let this summer go to waste.



My brain is so full. I can feel how it’s completely at capacity, and cannot possibly retain a single additional piece of information. It needs a couple days rest, and needs to clear out some junk (like maybe a verse or two of The Jabberwocky, which it has needlessly clung to since I was in the 7th grade).

Because the sitter was sick and the mother in law is recovering from surgery, I worked from home today with the kiddo. I actually got a respectable amount of work done. Luckily Baby Beez is at that age were she can play and entertain herself, but she’s not crawling yet, so I was able to work and easily keep an eye on that. Those days are limited.

By the end of the day I was a little stir crazy. We had a fun family outing of dinner at Doublewide Grill, and yogurt at Tutti Frutti. Baby Beez is too little for all the food, but she loved looking around and smiling at all the people.

This is going to be a busy busy weekend. Tomorrow morning we’re going to North Park for the Superhero Run. Unfortunately my brain has been so full with everything else lately that I forgot to register, and forgot to assemble a costume. So I’m not actually running. Some friends rented a picnic grove, so I’ll be socializing instead.

A friend of mine is in from Philly, so we’ll be going out for fancy dinner at Green Forest Churrascaria with her tomorrow night. Also, tomorrow night is Art All Night! It’s a non-juried all night art show, open to anyone who wants to participate. It is one of my favorite events of the year.

I’ve been seriously lacking on relaxation time lately. Lucky for me, Groupon was running a special on a facial + massage at a local Aveda salon. I couldn’t resist. Now I will just need to remember to schedule my appointment.

This post would be way better with pictures, but I didn’t take any. Oops.