One Afternoon in Pittsburgh

Tomorrow, my friend Karen (whom I have known since high school) and her boyfriend Paul will visiting Pittsburgh for ONE AFTERNOON, as part of their grand cross-country road trip. That means I only have a few hours to show them the best of our fair city!

I am racking my brain trying to decide what is the BEST of the best of the Burgh!  The view from Mount Washington and a visit to Primanti’s are easy picks on the “to do” list…I can’t decide what else!!!

Karen is a photographer, so I thought a visit to Homewood Cemetery would be nice.  Mr. Beez is pushing for the Aviary (which is tempting, due to the new baby penguin chicks).  The Warhol is also a good pick.  I wish it were a Saturday, because then shopping in the Strip District would be ideal.

So internet friends, where should I take Karen and Paul??  One afternoon only! So much to do, and so little time!

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