Oh my god, Becky look at that clock… (with shoutouts to .@LeonasLLC and .@zekesPGH)

She’s got 2 and a half hours where the kid is supervised in Sunday School and she can do WHAT EVER SHE WANTS.

So what is she doing?


(Also planning to catch up on my blogging backlog, but that isn’t really something to get allcaps about.)

Leona's Ice Cream

Because 10am is just as good a time as any for EATING ICE CREAM. Not just any ice cream, but Leona’s Ice Cream, which has gathered a cult following as of late. The Pgh foodblogosphere has been all over Leona’s, which is distributed locally in a handful of coffee shops and stores, but I hadn’t made my way over to get one yet. This was beginning to reach an EMERGENCY EMERGENCY level of urgency. Leona’s options sound just heavenly: Pear/Sugar Cookie; Speculoos; Plum/Ginger Molasses; Cinnamon/Oatmeal Lace. They change frequently based on the availability of the super-local ingredients.

I went for the Cinnamon/Oatmeal Lace. There’s a special place in my heart for any ice cream that involves an oatmeal cookie. As a kid I went to summer camp at Camp Swig in the California Redwoods (Sadly, the camp was closed in 2004). I also returned for a summer in college as a camp counselor. One of our absolute favorite treats at camp were It’s It Ice Cream Sandwiches (which I didn’t realize until I googled them JUST NOW that you can just BUY them in San Francisco, and I stupidly missed out on this when I was in San Francisco in July. Oh well, I’ll just have to go back. For ice cream. Because obviously.) It’s Its are ice cream sandwiched in oatmeal cookies and covered in chocolate and are amazing. And for me, also forever associated with heartwarming summer camp memories. So yes, Oatmeal Cookies and Ice Cream together, forever, amen.

Back to THIS ice cream sandwich: YUM. The cookie is oatmeal lace, meaning it is sticky and chewy. The ice cream and cookie are sweet, but not overpoweringly so, which is welcome, given how ridiculously over-sweet treats seem to sometimes be. The ice cream sandwich was very, very cold, meaning there was a lot of chewing. This doesn’t bother me, but I know some people are adamantly against chewing ice cream. If you are one such ridiculous person, maybe you’ll want to snuggle your sandwich a bit before eating to warm it up. All in all, A++++


And now a word on my venue. I’m currently camped out at Zeke’s Coffee in East Liberty. I’ve had Zeke’s delicious coffee before, as they regularly sponsor and provide coffee for us sleepyhead attendees at Creative Mornings Pittsburgh. I didn’t realize that Zeke’s is not just a coffee shop, but also a roaster, so that makes it extra-cool in my book. The coffee shop is fairly small, but not cramped. I considered taking a picture of the place, but I always feel like a creeper being like “don’t mind me, I’m just taking a picture of your store!” So you will survive with the picture above, containing the small corner of my table and my coffee cup.) The barista here is super crazy friendly, the music is great, the coffee eeeexcellent, and yes, free WIFI. Definitely a gem of a coffee shop. Also A++++

So enjoy your Sunday, yinz! Imma spend the rest of my free time catch up on writing some back posts, which should trickle out over the next couple weeks. After my free time is up, I’m picking up Baby Beez from learning all about G-d and morals and love, and we’re heading over to Monessen for a dose of hell at the Castle Blood no-scare matinee for kids. Because why the heck not?

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