Of Birthdays and Treats and Babysitting

In this first week of my 32 before 32 endeavors, I successfully completed both of my weekly goals: I made a crock pot meal and I tracked everything I ate in Weight Watchers.  Being that it was my birthday week and that it was the kind of week that involved wine and stress eating, my points were well above what they *should* have been….but had I not tracked everything, it would have been much worse.

For my crock pot meal this week, I made a simple beef stew, mostly because we already had the ingredients for it.

Stew in the slow cooker

Stew in the slow cooker

I worked from the recipe on Real Simple.  This recipe makes a decent meal, but it isn’t a recipe that will impress your friends or tantalize your tastebuds.  I am not worried about being flashy on weeknights. I’m worried about filling stomachs, quickly and easily. For those purposes, the recipe was a winner.

My birthday itself was low key.  This is exactly what I needed, given the pace of work right now.  We went out for fancy brunch on Sunday, then on the day of my birthday we ate little Prantl’s cakes and indulged in one of my favorite pasttimes: Wine and magazines.

wine and magazines

Prantl's mini cakes



This weekend is also pretty low key.  I’m babysitting a friend’s super mellow little boy this afternoon (read: he and Rachel are playing together and I’m pretty much making sure she doesn’t trample him with her bossiness). Mr. Beez and I are going to a dinner event with our synagogue tonight. All lovely things.

This week: Thanksgiving and Chanukkah. Mr. Beez’ parents take care of the food, so I just have to show up and eat.  All the presents have been bought, and tomorrow is for preparing the Chanukkah box and for wrapping. Now if I could just get me some hot cider….

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