O Hai. I am back.

My month of trials is complete.  I am back to the real world.  Luckily the number of things I had to back-burner were not too overwhelming, so I was able to take it easy today.  Mr. Beez is out of town right now, and I wanted to take the opportunity of being wiped from the trials and having to leave a little early from work (to get Baby Beez from daycare on time) to spend some extra QT with Baby Beez.  Yesterday I got her from daycare at 4:30, and we fit in shoe shopping at Littles, ice cream at Coldstone, a visit to the playground, a bath, and watching half of Monsters, Inc. all before we crashed into bed at 8:30.

Today, I picked her up around the same time, and we went for a trip to Schenley Plaza.

Oh yes, this little one took a spin on the carousel FOUR times.

And we stopped by Conflict Kitchen for a bite.  Right now Conflict Kitchen is featuring Iranian fare.  I ordered the Kubideh Kebap (kind of like a gyro), and got the KooKoo-something for Baby Beez (like a frittata sandwich).  She wasn’t interested in eating, so I ate both of ours. Oink.  The food was good, very similar to many other kinds of Middle Eastern food I’ve had before.  I love the novelty of Conflict Kitchen and the message it is working toward, but the food was good in its own right, and well worth a visit.

After our Schenley Plaza visit, we also fit in a trip to Costco and Petco (the birds need treats).  Driving home, it struck me how strange it is that here I am feeling like I’ve ditched out from work so early.  I feel like I’m playing hooky, and look at all these things I got to do with Baby Beez in just a couple hours in the afternoon.  And I thought about how there are so many people who work schedules where they’re out by 4:30 every day.  And there are even people who have no demands on their time at all. And could go to Schenley Plaza and soak up the sun whenever they feel like it.  Thinking about that, it just seemed so strange, and made me feel a little bitter too.

Which segues into my next point.  I need to find a new Weight Watchers meeting.  I’ve been going to a meeting on Sunday mornings because it fits best with my schedule.  When I first started WW, I was in a really awesome meeting, full of working women who understand what it’s like to have a crazy week and food just can’t be the first priority no matter how much you’d like it to be.

Then WW’s lease at that location was up and they decided to close that meeting.  So I started going to the Sunday morning meeting in the ‘burbs.  I figured working people would be at the Sunday Morning meeting, since that is a time that working people often are not working. Nope.  The meeting is full of retirees and housewives.  I suspect some of the people in the meeting actually do work, but the retirees and housewives dominate the discussion.  They like to loudly talk about how bored they are, or how they sit and watch TV for hours and it’s tough to get the motivation together to exercise. I wish I were making this stuff up, but nope.  I’ve left the meeting early the last 3 times, because I couldn’t stand to hear that nonsense anymore.  These are the kinds of people who should be thriving with the WW program.  They’ve got all the time in the WORLD.  They can go walk, they can go hike, they can do whatever.  And then I have to leave early from the meeting, so that I don’t get up and scream “WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE? YOU HAVE NO OTHER DEMANDS ON YOUR TIME, GO TAKE A WALK.”

SO. So I’m going to go scout out other meetings. Because dreading meetings means I make up excuses to not go to meetings, means I don’t follow the program, which means my weight loss comes to a screeching halt.  We can’t have that.  I’m not going to let the retirees and housewives make me fat.

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