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This is a rather typical specimen of my “early” blogging style (“early” as in the first 9 of my 10 years). Enjoy some senseless rambling. Electric blankets really are nice, especially in such nasty cold winters, so I thought this was a fun one to share. There was a little more purposeless profanity in there, which I have removed for the sake of everyone’s eyeballs and the little dignity I cling to. Also I can’t help but laughing at how much I lamented having 4 straight hours of class. Isn’t life hard? What I would give these days to spend 4 hours sitting in one spot just listening. It sounds like heaven.

busy busy bumblebee

October 18, 2004

Christine came over for dinner last night, and it was a good night. I, as is typical for me, prepared WAY too much food. I sent her home with half a quiche, but I still have a whole one left in my fridge. Looks like I’m eating quiche every frickin day this week. We spent the evening eating and then (in true nerd fashion) studying til like 11pm. She has a test today.
My profs keep changing our class schedule, due to various reasons (all of them are valid, so I can’t really hold it against them…but a constantly changing schedule does get kinda irritating…) so today i’ve got class NONSTOP from 10am-2pm. I’m not really looking forward to that…especially because the last 2 hours is torts, and 2 hours of torts is a lot….
Today seems to have potential for being good running weather. I feel like going running right now, but don’t have the time to. I’m hoping to go this afternoon after class.
Oh, and I used my electric blanket last night. I LOVE my electric blanket. Seeing as I’m *so* musically inclined, I wrote a song for my electric blanket while I was in the shower this morning.


Ode to my electric blanket:
Ooooo eeeeeelectric blaaaaaanket!
Hooooow I looooove you!!
You keep me so toastily scrumptiously warm!!
Some day I’m sure your wires will wear thin
and you’ll spark and smoke while I’m sleeping
and I will slooooowly smolder to deeeeeath!
but I don’t care, because you treat me well right now!
So toastily scrumptiously
toastily scrumptiously
toastily scrumptiously

It really is a song meant for singing. Perhaps one day I’ll sing it for you.
Oooo breakfast is done. Must go eat. MMMM pizza bagel in the morning. Yummy.

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