NaBloPoMo Day 8: All the Favorite Things

NaBloPoMo Day 8: All the Favorite Things

Our Canadian excursion has been going swimmingly. Luckily, Sandy and I see pretty eye-to-eye on our interests. We both want to unwind, and we have pretty similar ideas of what it means to unwind (food, wine, books). Also, neither of us have super strong opinions on what to do, so we’ve worked out things that are pretty interesting and agreeable to both of us.

Last night we went to the Canadiens game against the Boston Bruins, and it was crazy fun.  Sandy loves hockey. I like going to sports games fine, but if you asked me to name hockey players, Sidney Crosby is the only one I can probably name. I probably never would have thought to go to a Canadiens game, but Sandy suggested it, and I’m so glad we went. We had a blast cheering “Go Habs Go!!” and lamenting what jerks the Bruins fans are. The game was extremely exciting– it was neck & neck up until the last minute of the game, when the Bruins made a bad decision to go with a power play, and the Canadiens scored 2 more goals to bring in the win. It was a crazy, fun, exciting atmosphere, and I can say for sure now that a hockey game is a must on a vacation to Canada.


Today we are having SUNDAY FUN DAY SUNDAY FUN DAY! Which basically means we are doing all of our favorite things. Our favorite things are as follows:

  1.  Brawnch at Le Saloon.

Le Saloon

2. Wandering around Jean-Talon Market. I wish we weren’t so full from brunch, because there were a lot more delicious looking things I wanted to eat there.

Jean-Talon Market

3. Sitting around for a couple hours, drinking wine, eating bread and cheese, reading books, and generally chillin out maxin relaxin all cool.

Bread and Cheese

In just these couple days, I have managed to unwind. I feel my sanity returning. Well done, weekend. Well done.

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