NaBloPoMo Day 7: Old Montreal Walking Tour and Essential Canadian Activities

NaBloPoMo Day 7: Old Montreal Walking Tour and Essential Canadian Activities

For our first full day in Montreal, we followed an online walking tour itinerary for Old Montreal and saw a number of the lovely sights. I would guess the high tourist seasons are summer and Christmas, because it is not very hectic right now. Although the tour map looked like it was a lot of walking, everything is pretty close together.  We did walk a lot today, but not like Disney-world lot, so we feel a bit tired but not like OMG exhausted.

Notre Dame

Our first big stop was Basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal, which is very important because THIS IS WHERE CELINE DION GOT MARRIED YOU GUYS.  Even without her heart going on-and-on, it is a very beautiful cathedral, with all kinds of carvings and stained glass and beautiful things.

Notre Dame de Montreal

Notre Dame de Montreal

We also visited its sister chapel, which was smaller (albeit still the size of a “normal” church) and also very lovely.

Chapel Notre Dame


As we walked through the Old City, we stopped to have crepes because this is Montreal and WE NEEDED CREPES. Sandy had the Parisien crepes with apples and brie. I had crepes with ham and caramelized onions and brie. I need more crepes in my life.



As we continued to wander throughout the city, we kept seeing more and more of these curious telecommunications contraptions….

A relic from times past...

A relic from times past…

We continued on to Montreal’s market building, which I had hoped/expected was a kind of indoor farmer’s market. It’s more of a collection of boutiques, but there are some eateries.

Marche Bonsecours

Also, we were inexplicably trapped in the middle of an ongoing vegan festival…but we located Pub BreWsky with a nice long list of local microbrews, so all was very very well.

Pub BreWsky

Pub BreWsky

There was more wandering around to be had.

Clock Tower

After this wandering, I had THE HUNGRY, so it was very necessary to stop at Montreal’s Dunn’s Famous for Montreal Poutine (smoked meat, cheese curds, gravy, fries).



Properly refueled, we undertook some very necessary shopping, Canadian style, including wandering around Montreal’s vast underground walkway/mall, as well as a stop at Roots, which I just LOVE, and got myself the worlds biggest comfiest sweatshirt dress, which I plan to lounge around in just about every day this winter.


And in case you thought our day couldn’t get any more Canadian, now that we have stopped to unload our shopping packages, in a few moments we will be leaving for a Montreal Canadiens game!! Go Habs!  (Please pass more poutine)

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