NaBloPoMo Day 4: My Picks for the @3RFFest #3RFF

NaBloPoMo Day 4: My Picks for the @3RFFest #3RFF

YESSS THE THREE RIVERS FILM FESTIVAL I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I can’t even. I wish I could make it to the opening weekend celebrations this weekend, but I will be away visiting our French speaking neighbors to the North. I gravitate toward dark comedies and dramas, and this year the 3RFF reliably delivers. This year, there are many of my kind of movies to be had!

If I were in town, I would love to see Tumbledown.  Instead, someone please go see it for me, and let me know how it is!



Filled with tears, laughter, love, and music, Tumbledown is the story of a young widow who must find the courage to let go of her past and strength to move on to her future. This sweet and gently comic tale set in small-town Maine follows Hannah, who struggles to come to peace with the unexpected death of her husband, an acclaimed folk singer, by fixating on the seemingly impossible task of writing his biography. When Andrew, a cocky New York writer, comes to town to write his own book on her beloved, Hannah quickly tries to run him out, but soon discovers that his presence is a welcome challenge and surprising change from the smothering concern of her town, friends, and family. Grounded by a love for rural life and folk music, this indie film stars Jason Sudeikis, Rebecca Hall, Dianna Agron, and former Pittsburgher Joe Manganiello, a Mt. Lebanon native and CMU graduate who starred in the Spider-Man franchise.

Sean Mewshaw | USA | 2016 | 105 min.

These are the flicks I am most interested in, unfortunately I won’t be able to see them all…but lots of things to keep on my radar over the next several months…



Unlike the typical indie comedy, Entertainment is sure to find a cult audience to call its own. An aging comedian tours the California desert, lost in a cycle of third-rate venues, novelty tourist attractions, and vain attempts to reach his estranged daughter. Slogging through the barren landscape and inadvertently alienating every acquaintance by day, he seeks solace in the animation of his onstage persona by night. Fueled by the promise of a lucrative Hollywood engagement and the possibility of rekindling a relationship with his daughter, he trudges through a series of increasingly surreal and volatile encounters. The profound sadness at the heart of the comedian confronts viewers with a bit of soul-searching, asking: who really is the butt of the joke? With appearances by John C. Reilly and Michael Cera.

Rick Alverson | USA | 2015 | 110 min

Everything Will Be Fine


After taking 3D to dazzling new heights in Pina, legendary director Wim Wenders continues to push the technology in bold new directions. This searing drama charts the emotional odyssey of a struggling novelist, Tomas, whose life is turned upside down one wintry night when he causes a fatal car accident. The incident sets him on a soul-searching, decades-long journey towards redemption, a quest that profoundly touches the lives of both his girlfriend and the accident victim’s mother. In his triumphant return to narrative filmmaking, Wenders makes innovative, often breathtaking use of 3D to draw viewers ever deeper into the film’s gripping emotional vortex. Starring James Franco, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Rachel McAdams.

Wim Wenders | USA | 2015 | 119 min.



Body is a dark comedy with an absurdist sense of humor. A cynical prosecuter and his daughter, who suffers from an eating disorder, are trying – each of them their own way – to recover after the death of a close person. Their views on life and death are forced to change when Anna, the daughter’s therapist, unexpectedly claims that the deceased contacted her from beyond her grave and that she has a message for them. Szumowska uses themes of separation, alienation, and emotional distance as metaphors for the contemporary state of Poland while confronting body issues in a compelling way. Bodywas awarded  Silver Bear for Best Director at 65th Berlin International Film Festival.
Grand Prix at 2015 Gdynia Film Festival for the Best Film.

Małgorzata Szumowska | Poland | 2015 | 90 min.

Co-presented by the Polish Cultural Council



Mustang is a rousing, coming-of-age story that follows five teenage sisters fighting back against tradition in a remote Black Sea village on the coast of Turkey. With school out, the sisters find themselves flirting with boys at the beach, but their innocent games are considered debauchery by their grandmother, causing an uproar with unintended consequences. The family home slowly turns into a prison where housework and cooking replace school, and marriages begin to be arranged. This gripping drama of sisterhood portrays a ubiquitous teenage desire for freedom as the sisters rebel against the forced suppression of their young, flourishing sensuality. In Turkish with subtitles.

Deniz Gamze Ergüven | France | 2015 | 94 min.

Are you going to the 3RFF? What do you plan to see?

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